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The Name[edit]

aKKording to the Kreators of this KDE centriK desKtop linuKs distribution, its name indiKates their desire to Kill off miKrosoft. The naming scheme goes like this:

  • The first thing noted by people when they run Windows is the Blue sKreen of death.
  • Blue is Kommonly associated with water.
  • The last time a flood of water (= blue = blue screen = Windows) allegedly Kovered the world, an arK saved the survivors.

The desKtop[edit]

“We can't switch to GNOME. If we did, we'd have to Khange our naming, and Arg Linugs sounds way too much like "ARGH Linugs", and besides Arg is an old German word for "bad".”

~ Ark Kreator Bero on GNOME

The Kulture[edit]

arK linuKs provides support on an IRK Khannel. The Khannel, Kreated (among other things) to help newbies, is mostly populated by newbies, eKsperienced users Kan always get a good laugh out of one newbie telling another to "use the six editor, but don't ask me how". That is, of Kourse, if you manage to Kome in at a time when the Khannel aKtually talKs about arK linuKs - a far more Kommon topiK on the Khannel is the developers bashing the source of all evil.

Like its distant Kousing Debian, arK linuKs is picky about licensing, but unlike its cousin, it's not a museum of old software - the stuff in arK linuKs is usually so new that even its developer didn't know this version was released already.

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