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Meiwes loves the cock!

Born in Germany, Armin Meiwes is one of the greatest chefs of the XXI century. Meiwes specializes in cock cuisine and is widely known for the invention of the now popular "cock on a stick" snack. The success and popular demand of this product allowed him to open his own fast food chain, called ManDonald's. Another notable invention of Meiwes' is a cocktail drink called The Cock-Sucking Cowboy. Meiwes weapon of choice is the shiv which he uses to cook and murder.

Recently, Meiwas was sentenced to life in prison, not for cannibalism, but because he put other German cooks to shame. It is believed by them that he has stolen the recipe for German Wienerschnitzel and simply changed the name. However, it is pretty obvious that they get their cocks from different suppliers.

Armin Meiwes' Legacy[edit]

ManDonald's is growing at a very high rate. It is one of the few companies that hires double the amount of people that it fires on a daily basis. The food at ManDonald's is so delicious that for every two customers that enter the restaurant, only one comes out. Away from the kitchen, Armin also presents the popular audience-participation culinary show Munch Mein Member.


  • Cock on a Stick
  • Man Chowder
  • Quarter Pounder with Cum
  • Grilled Penis Deluxe
  • Scrotum McMuffin
  • Testicle Nuggets
  • Testicle Selects
  • Pubic Salad (with optional sperm dressing)
  • Condom McFlurrie
  • Foreskin Suprise

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He was the guy who found and ate a voluntary victim he found via the internet. "Born in Germany, Armin Meiwes is one of the greatest chefs of the XXI century"'