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“I wouldn't drink from the furry cup even if it was filled with magners.”

~ Nikki on Ann-Marie

“Arnhem What a place for a pub crawl...”

~ Oliver Reed on Arnhem

“I once put my finger in a dyke, but she wouldn't let me put my cock in her”

~ Stevie on Lezzas

“I'm feeling supersonic”

~ Richy on G & T's

“I've been in love with Nikki ever since the first time I went to O'Connell's”

~ John on Arnhem

“We love shopping in Over De Waal”

~ Nikki and Chelsea on Kock Brill Shop

“Taxi for Dom”

~ Dominic on the New Bike Taxis

“I had my first drink with my 2nd liver in Nikki O'Connell's”

~ George Best on the Arnhem

Arnhem is a city located somewhere in Holland.

The Fuhrer is Nikki pictured below giving it a bit of 'Face am i bovered'


The town hall is in Nikki O'Connell's

Arhnem is almost without Daywalkers since the 2003 purge led by Simon Bradley

The 30th of April is Nikki day and is celebrated in Nikki O'Connell's with a water fight!

IMG 0411.jpg

NEK scarfs are burn on sight



Arendheim (As Arnhem was formally known)was founded by Donar and Wodan while they where being mythologic. Many Vikings and Eskimos flocked to Arendheim and and the beer parties there were pretty cool. Then Darth Hitler caused a worldwide nuclear apocalypse that flattened "Arendheim".

After it was detoxed by the aliens helping the US governement, the Dutch decided to build a new city out of politeness towards the aliens. The site actually sucked because it kept on getting flooded. A new city was built on the ruins of the old city, and the inhabitants called it "Arnhem" because that remotely resembled the old name.

It was flooded numerous times and people kept dying all over the place. (see above Nikki Day)

In March 2007 several B 52 events have occurred in Nikki O'Connell's Resulting in massive losses of braincells and time control.

Cocktail B52.jpg


See Nostradamus, Nintendo Entertainment System and George Lucas

Pelle is going to take-over the Simon Bradley Stage at Nikki O'Connell's and will bring about the legendary multi-national band Oil Rig 1964


Like everything in Holland, Arnhem produces cows, tulips, windmills, katanas and cheese. An estimated 13% of the Moon's cheese was produced in Arnhem. Arnhem also secretly produces Mecha for their on-going campaign for world domination.


The current mayor of Arnhem is Nikki. She is the only woman on the world who has acquired all the honourary "1337" titles (Ninja, Samurai, Illuminati, Pirate, B 52 Queen, Cowgirl and Jedi). Her most recent achievements include vanquishing the Huns (also see Atilla the Hun) and restoring order in the intergalactic senate. Nobody in Holland surpasses her in her katana wielding skill and she often travels to America to attend the katana duel classes given by Oscar Wilde.


Like everywhere in Holland pot is legalized. Also nazis and demons are shot on sight.

The entry requirement is to go on the rollercoaster and get caught on camera pulling freakish faces, if not you are shot! Jon The barman at Nikki O'Connell's is shown below on his entry