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Arnold Rüütel is the local mini-god of Estonia.

Life of Arnold[edit]

Arnold spawned in 1813, when the women and the jedis in Estonia were ruling the earth. He spawned at The Large Spawn of Estonians. Anyway, years passed, and he suddenly decided to become the King of Estonia. Unfortunately, the current king was the Great Edgar Savisaar. After countless battles, which involved gassing, bombing, godzillas and demi-gods, Arnold sorta-died.

Awakening of Arnold[edit]

Years passed and suddenly, a appretince priest, Tarmo Mänd noticed the dead body of Arnold. He tried to resurrect Arnold to his normal human form. Unfortunately, a lightning struct Arnold during the ceremony and he became a minigod. "Thou shall not fear" he said to Tarmo, who shaked in fear "I bring you love, you shall become my prophet." And so, Tarmo & Arnold, the Dynamic Duo, they both moved away from Estonia, and never returned (or nobody has noticed their returning) to Estonia.


Nobody knows where Arnold and Tarmo are, but there are some myths.

1. They have returned home, but not as themselves, but as famous people. For example: Michael Jackson, Arnold Schwanchernegger and/or That dude on the couch who never moves yet you still let him to be there

2. They both are the Great Estonias himself, very unlikely

3-3.14. They got hit by the rock thrown by Kalevipoeg and they both died.

More to come during the investigation.


  • "I´d like to say."
  • "I think that."
  • "Today people travel with large amounts and with large speed."

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