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Are you, <insert name here>, calling me arrogant?

arrogant, adjective

  1. overbearingly proud
  2. United States of America

You have reached the best page that the Universe has ever seen. This page has gone down in history as the most amazing page every created. It's clearly impossible to create a page this spectacular. Composed in 2006,and ordained in 2008, this page holds the world record for being unbelievable (As if that award really matters, when compared to this page). People who don't think this is the best page ever are obviously incorrect, and ergo are inferior. (Period) Nothing can beat this page.

This page is also, naturally, bigger than yours. It has won countless awards and despite the rumors it has nothing to do with the pages about narcissism, vanity or anything else that the other Morlocks out there might mistake it with.

Why this page rocks[edit]

  • Everyone loves you (you are better than me)
  • It's the best-designed page out there (Clearly)
  • Nobody else can make such an amazing page
  • Nobody else has made such an amazing page
  • Everybody cant make such an amazing page
  • I suck
  • This page rules
  • Do you really need any more reasons?
  • I have more important things to do than explain this page's quality to ignorant minds like yours!
  • The creator is German ! (GOD BLESS GERMANY!!!!)
  • I forgot the question.
  • It was edited by the FISH!

Who made it[edit]

Everyone already knows the amazing person who made this page. You're the greatest person in the known, and unknown, universe. I am a fag!

For more information, find it yourself; I'm not worth helping. You just doesn't have the time to help me. You're just so busy trying to educate the rest of the world on how other entries are supposed to be made so that they can even come close to being as good as this one. You also have better things to do with his time; such as driving your latest model car which was custom-made for you by Bentley so it's the only one like it in the world, along with everything else you own. This page is also the only one like it and you should feel honoured to be reading it!

You see, you is just such a kind and giving person that you can't help but be this gracious. That's why you're only surrounded by the best looking women, like Miss Universe and Miss World. People are just naturally drawn to your splendor and those that aren't, well... enough said. Did we mention that you're in line to win a Nobel Peace Prize? You were nominated for it by Mahatma Ghandi, Nelson Mandela and George W. Bush who also happen to be some of the worlds greatest peace-makers and personal friends of the person who wrote this page. I wish I had friends like these. Well, just stick with this page and I might be thrown some scraps.

What's worse than this page[edit]