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 artistan logo
teh properly drawn artistan sign

The Artistans are a small grafiti group with similar views as that of anarchists. Founded in October 1989 by Sir Henry Stovetop, they became a small, but fairly recongnised group. They are not a terrorist group, nor a gang. They just like fucking shit up. Their goals and tactics involve:

  1. Pissing off store owners, school administrators, and public restroom janitors.
  2. Drawing random and fucked up shit on toilet stall walls.
  3. All of that for no fucking reason.

Known facts[edit]

  1. An artistan may or may not have created this page.
  2. Their main tools of trade are pens and sharpies.
  3. They sometimes get eaten by your mom.

Common slogans and doodles[edit]

  1. Are famous for their quote "Because it is done neither for financial reward, nor critical acclaim, toilet wall drawings are the purest form of art" and variants
  2. All of their work is usually accompanied by their symbol.
  3. "Here i sit and hesitate - should i shit or mastrubate?"
 Toilet wall drawings
The work of an a member of the Artistans

The symbol and its meaning[edit]

  1. the symbol has an unknown meaning, except that it represents the artistans.
  2. symbologists have figured out the creation of the symbol, though.
  3. it consists of an A and a T put on top of each other, making an A with a line down it and across the top.
  4. the symbol is outlined and stripped of all its inner workings except the triangle created by the A.
  5. the symbol is then "squared" and added are lines on the inside edge to represent the folds in the outlined previous shape.
  6. try it, draw the symbol and write lines down the triangle to make it into an A. then write a T on top of it. fits perfectly, dosent it?

A little personal stuff[edit]

What they like[edit]

  1. Cookies
  2. Lighters
  3. Blowing shit up
  4. Scaring people and watch how they react
  5. Anarchy
  6. Free shit
  7. Sharpies

What they don't like (What to do to piss them off)[edit]

  1. Those fucking mr. clean magic erasers
  2. Pshycho janitors and administrators
  3. Windex
  4. Macs
  5. People trying to find out who they are (see below)

Their identities[edit]

Local artistan groups will more often than not consist of many members. While it is not unheard of to have a single-dude gang, it is pretty fucking rare. They will do everything they can to protect their identities, and will not go down without taking the whole system down. Confronting a suspected member almost often leads to all the other members getting pissed off and fucking even more shit up.

 artistan penetration map
Official Artistan penetration map Contains hash of member info, history, etc.

If there are Artistans in your neighborhood/school/etc:[edit]

  1. Do NOT try to find out who they are. This will just encourage them.
  2. Catching one will not solve the problem. They'll just come after you personally.
  3. They have no intention of hurting anyone. They just like shaking things up.
  4. Dont encourage them either. They'll just think you're gay.
  5. Let them be, acknowlege their existence, leave cans of spray paint outside for them at night.