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Asia Minor (not to be confused with Asia (town) is the birthplace of the Bananapalooza Festival during which copious amounts of bananas are consumed.

Bananas are the green then brown then black (but certainly NEVER yellow) fruit that we associate with the Tropics and Farfegnugen. The banana has a cousin in the yallibanana , the bearded puck-shaped fruit of the Central East section of The World. Highly valued for its slimy hair, the yallibanana is often traded to the legendary sweater weavers of Nubia for owls.

Second only to the tarantula in local consumption, this wondrous food is fondly celebrated in the folk song Hey Mister Count Man, Count My Yallibananas. Usually harvested by bandana wearing farmers, its ripeness is determined both by committee and pelicanistry.

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