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See? It's not mean if it's funny!

An ass rollerskate is a slang term for a wheelchair. It is only to be used in the most highly respectful, disability-sensitive context possible. For example:

Guy 1: Dude, how's your leg?

Guy 2: Broken, man. Looks like I'm stuck using an ass rollerskate for a few months.

Guy 1: HAHAHAHA!! You're a cripple!!

In some cultures, it is considered rude to mock the disabled. Pointing out the presence of any ass rollerskate you see as loudly as possible, with extensive laughter, may prove disrespectful. It is recommended, therefore, that the term ass rollerskate only be used under the following circumstances:

1. You have a disabled friend who likes nothing more than to be constantly reminded of his difference and inferiority.

2. A guy on an ass rollerskate just cut you off, and you're like, "Hey, tard-face on the ass rollerskate!" And he's all like, "What?" And you're all like, "OMFG, you did not just say that!" And he's totally like, "Yeah, so what?!"

3. You really, really want to say, "ass rollerskate". Don't hold it in - these moments don't come up every day!


Oh yeah, karma's totally going to pwn you for this one. But what the heck.

Famous People With Ass Rollerskates[edit]

Stephen Hawking (the Ass Rollerskate 9000)

Rick Hansen

Franklin Roosevelt

Christopher Reeve

Kenneth Branagh's character in "Wild Wild West" (do not see the movie - just take our word for it)

Larry Flint

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