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This page is a piece of crap. The author acknowledges this fact.
An assclown in its natural habitat, wearing the trademark asshat.

An assclown is a person, through the fault of its parents' conception, is a skid mark in society's collective underweari.e Andy Gates. An assclown may wear an asshat.


Assclowns, by comparison with other languages such as English and Dipshit, is a relatively rapidly spoken language. In fact, some experts such as Stephen Hawking have claimed that it is merely the language of Dipshits spoken at a pace ten times faster. For example, in Dipshit, "LOLVANDALIZM" would be spoken as, "Lawls i vandalism this page now u smell like poo".

Assclowns is spoken worldwide, in every nation with Internet access, as a minor dialect, which is known by scientist as the Internet-Assclowns ratio, 3.14159265%, or pie.

Further investigations[edit]

A team of specialists on the subject elaborated the following hypothesis: All people from Elko are assclowns, but not all assclowns are from Elko.

How to recognize an assclown[edit]

What makes someone or something an assclown?

1. One, who, through the fault of his parents conception, is a skid mark in society's collective underwear

You, my good sir, are an assclown.

2. A person who, while under the influence, makes a complete fool of himself while attempting humor. An assclown may wear an asshat
3. A person who, while making a serious attempt as something, fails to realize what a complete fool he has made of himself
4. A person who is laughable and detestable at the same time

Usually pretends to be a know-it-all, often enhancing their stories, knowledge, experience, and everything in between with pure bullshit.

5. Someone who considers his or her sworn duty to act like a complete ass at all times
6. A person who makes an attempt to provide factual information that is clearly untrue

Example: Somebody says that Brentford are better than QPR.

7. Someone that thinks they are really sweet but arent and draw attention to themselves and look silly because of it
8. Synonym for US President George W Bush (2000-2008)

When hurricane Katarina hit the USA in August 2005, aid and evacuation was slow because 1) Military material was in Iraq 2) Military personnel were in Iraq 3) Funds for disaster management was in Iraq 4) Global warming causes the creation of stronger hurricanes (scientifically proven) yet Bush refuses to do anything about the environment

9. Somebody takes someone to court and loses their case
10. Somebody who tries to sue someone in court and ends up getting sued themself
11. Someone who thinks there funny by bullying
12. Someone who says there going to beat up someone and act like that person's friend the next day (aka your m0m)
13. Someone who uses someone else to do their bullying for them
14. Someone who vandalises wiki pages because "i am a dickhead hahaha"
15. Someone like the statement above this one is what you may refer to as an assclown
16. If you are a nasty ugly cow known as Kate then you just happen to be an assclown, and what I say goes, bitches...
17. I vandalize this in the name of me