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Astro Boy, The half naked 10 year old we have grown to know and love.
ASTRO BOY (c) 2000 - 3578.

“I Believe I can fly!”

“He can bite my shiny metal ass!”

Astro Boy, or "Ass as his friends call him, was not born in Bethlehem in a manger, despite popular belief and a 3 year legal battle over the movie rights (see Jesus Christ).

By all good sources Astro Boy was created by the sheer imagination of hundreds of Japanese children waiting for something for Anime to be inspired from so they could start the Pokémon revolution. He gained fame by scoring 2nd place in the first Battle Bots tournament. He lost in an epic fight against an inclined plane on wheels.

Fast cars, Rocket Boots, Broken Hearts and no Wi-Fi:[edit]

Astro Boy has 3 Notable Powers:

  • Flight (using the aid of his rocket boots despite petitions from the Greenies asking him to switch to public transport to cut down on Co2)
  • Super Human/Half human/Mostly robot but still more human that Bush strength
  • The Stunning good looks of a 10 year old
  • His Stubborn Electronic Brain

Again despite popular belief, Astro Boy cannot:

  • Turn water into wine
  • Walk on water
  • have Wi-Fi
  • magically turn human
  • answer questions relating to astronomy or astrology

In the late 1990's Astro Boy was hitting a rough patch in his life and took up gambling and heavy drinking. Which caused him to act inappropriately, often making Fart Jokes at public appearances, it had appeared that the 10 year old audience had just grown up.

In 2005 Astro Boy made a slight comeback but was short lived after being accused of the murder of JFK and Impersonating Megaman.

In 2008, Astro Boy went insane on a PokeYouMon named SquareTle

Insane Billionaire Bill Gates, wishing to revive the sorry franchise has commissioned 4 movies for the following years.

  • 2007 - Astro Rides Again
  • 2008 - Astro Boy Vs Megaman
  • 2010 - Astro Boy Vs Python
  • 2222 - Astro Boy and Cleopatra
  • 2300 - Astro Boy Turns Emo

Contrary to popular belief The Da Vinci Code was not written about Astro Boy.


In the Year 29XX, For Some Reason, Astro Boy Died, I don't Know why, but it is believe that he was killed by Iron Man

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