Attack of the Killer Potatoes

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Attack of the Killer Potatoes was a documentary series that aired on the BBC in 1991 amidst the growing interest in the Great Tomato War. It's title pokes fun at the 1977 film, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.


Led by Stephen Hawking, the series concentrated largely on the involvement of the Potatoes in the war. Beginning with their recovery from the Potato Famine, and how their support for the Great Tomato War increased as the war progressed in their favour.

Although there are no recorded incidents involving Potatoes in conflict, the series does mention how several Potatoes were sighted in the final conflicts of the war, acting as messangers or medical officers. Several Potato survivors appeared reluctant to comment why they were present at these battles, and it so remains a mystery.

The final chapter dealt with the aftermath of the Great Tomato War and post-war feelings amongst the Potatoes who had survived both the war and the Potato Famine.


The series clashed with Killer Tomatoes Eat France! at the time of it's release, and so few watched the actual series. Many Potatoes felt insulted by the Series which put them in the spotlight, and so the Series was not re-run again. Some likened the series unfavourably to Attack of the Killer Tomatoes: The Animated Documentary Series, due to it's boring tone and lack of interest.

Upon its release on DVD, some scenes of the Potato Famine were cut due to complaints by the handful of viewers who had seen the series and found some of the surviving pictures to be in very poor taste. A second-edition DVD released these images again to tease the whinging bastards but put in a disclaimer that read as follows:

The following scenes may disturb some viewers, so don't come crying to us if you don't like them. You bought this DVD so live with it (or sell it on eBay).


  • Chapter One - The aftermath of the Potato Famine
  • Chapter Two - There is no Chapter Two
  • Chapter Four - Summer swimsuit special
  • Chapter Five - Potatoes in the War

Viewing Figures[edit]

Because of the clash with Killer Tomatoes Eat France!, as well as Emmanuelle, the viewing figures for the series are considerably low. The following are courtesy of the BBC:

  • Chapter One - 1,000 viewers
  • Chapter Two - 650 viewers
  • Chapter Three - 190 viewers
  • Chapter Four - 900,000,000,000 viewers
  • Chapter Five - 600 viewers
  • Chapter Six - 7 viewers