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Attack of the cock is a spinoff of the hit Japanese show 'Attack of the Chowd'. It airs on the G4 Television Network (stands for 'Gee, Fourteen Hours of Star Trek Every Day'). It's about something, everything and nothing all at the same time, but it's dedicated to the FIFA World Cup, the extinct Mexican Whooping Llamas and Britney Spear's vagina. Attack of the Show airs regularly on weekdays from 11:47 p.m. to 12:98 a.m.



James Brown first pitched the idea of Attack of the Show to Hurricane Hugo in Junember of 1769. He sat down with the hurricane and said, "I wanna make a show, ladies and gentlemen, all about Crisco, oww. Oh, that wonderful stuff. You know, I just love me some Crisco, aoooww! Yeah, baby, I take a big handful of them Crisco and rub it all on my nipples, yeah! Oh, baby. I feel good! Get up offa that thing and fondle me with a handful of Crisco, man! That's how papa likes it...oh yeah." He continued moaning for a couple of hours until finally passing out and dying from a Crisco related brain aneurysm. You can get a cereal box signed by sarah keven and brendon here very funny.


James Brown memorial statue in Washington, DC.

Attack of the Show was still in the pre-production stages, and in big trouble. With James Brown dead, there was no one to come up with ideas and produce it. Hurricane Hugo contacted his most trustworthy associates, Hitler and his illegitimate son, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. They wanted to branch out the show to a more mainstream audience, since they knew Crisco only appealed to R&B singers, soulless 'Lost' writers, Walt Disney and the cast of Hogan's Heroes. The two dogs decided on the name 'Bi!g buttasSS$ porn suPeR FUN! CLikcK hERRE!' Triumph feared a lawsuit by many Japanese websites, and so the name was thus changed back to Attack of the Show.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Hugo and Courtney Love stormed the beaches of Normandy with the C Company on the 32nd of December, 2035. Courtney Love was shot by a Nazi wielding the shotgun that killed Kurt Cobain. She then turned into a black bat and flew away to Hitler's castle in Germany where they made sweet, sweet love. Hitler died a tragic death that would then later burden Triumph, leading to his suicide.

Hurricane Hugo was filmed running up the beach by Steven Spielberg, who later produced many G4 shows like, 'Star Trek', 'More Star Trek', 'Even More Star Trek' and 'I Can't Believe You're Still Watching Star Trek. Why Don't You Go Have Sex With a Woman Instead of Sitting on Your Couch For Ten Hours?' (until G4's deal with star trek expired and the 14 hours of star trek turned into 7 hours of "Cops 2.0" and 7 hours of "Cheaters")While in a foxhole on the beach, Hugo met a very talkative and quite bland kangaroo/fish named Kevin Peruja-Mcragoogina-frerayrory, who told him about his hosting skills and techniques. Hugo decided to make Kevin a host on AOTS upon hearing of his exploits on that one gaming tournament show.

Back in the states, Triumph had found three more hosts: The Black Rose- an emotionless ninja serial killer who leaves a black rose in a victim's mouth. Then he defecates on them. Milli from 'Milli Vanilli'- an emotionless German serial killer from the famous morris dancing group Milli Vanilli. He leaves a coupon for their second album, "xLipsynKx" deep inside his victim's rectum. Mother Theresa- presumed to be the incarnation of Hannibal Lecter.


We can only pray that it will be soon.


Olivia Munn was hired as a new host, in hopes of bringing the show back. It failed, but she did lead the program's LOS (Level Of Sluttiness) to rise 89% in her first three seconds of employment. Many fanboys and girls masturbate over her to this day.

In recent news Attack of the Cock has declared war on 4chan by flooding it with NewFags, Anon has responded with massive decreases of fapping to all chicks on the show, minus Kevin, he's just too damn sexy.

Famous Guests[edit]

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