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“Is that a dog? ,no thats a fan. no under the fan. no, that's a teatowel!”

~ Some people under the influence of aubergine
A good example of an aubergine, posing with a dog.

An Aubergine is a state of mind that you can only experience when you have "the giggles". Divinity has been directly linked with the consumption of aubergine. It has been analogised as a cage of birds that has been opened, and you can hold a bird, but not too tighty to hurt it, but just enough so it feels nice, and you can stroke the feathers, and rub them on your face.

Though the long term effects of excessive Aubergine uses have not been fully understood, it is widely accepted that effects can include; huffing, thinking of paradoxes, desire to paint ceilings, and a general euphoric giggly feeling.

A warning has been issued that anyone under the influence of aubergine should stay at least 200m from snakes, as this could result in sending a message to Squidgy, and much confusion.