August Strindberg

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“A fine fella. He could have been as mighty as I am if he still had lived.”

~ Oscar Wilde on August Strindberg

“I am a nasty bastard and I know many tricks.”

~ August Strindberg on himself

“I usually walk the streets armed, as I do not take shit from anyone.”

~ August Strindberg on going armed

August Strindberg (1845-1912) was a Swedish author and one of the creators of both Psyklopedin and Wikipedia. He is the most important writers of the Swedish language next to Saint Petrus and was the person responsible of filling all pages with long rantings about women and drag queens.

The tragical story of Strindberg starts with an editor of the New York Times writing a column entitled Why rooms should be black. To this, Strindberg replied with a novel entitled The Red Room. Some suggest that Strindberg wanted all rooms to be red.

A little later, Strindberg was found ranting outside, screaming obscenities to people passing by. It was generally disliked, and Strindberg was taken to a hospital for treatment. Not long thereafter, he wrote a play called "the Inferno" about this time, and he publicly announced that Sweden was a bloody cold country that has mistreated him. As Strindberg was very important, he travelled to more important countries in Europe. He especially liked Paris, partly because its coffee shops, partly because of their baguettes, but mostly because of its opium and absinthe.

Strindberg spent the next five years seeing demons. One especially fierce demon was the spririt of Saint Juliette, with whom he frequently engaged in sexual activities, something which was not generally allowed at that time.

He returned to Sweden in the fall of 1895, and made himself notorious for not doing anything but obscure rantings in the newspapers and the occasional play, often focusing on a female conspiracy and the gay Teletubby.

Strindberg has been loved all over the world for inventing "women-hate" and was the first 'real' he-man "woman-hater". His hate is evident in his famous play Miss Julie where he describes his childhood fantasies of watching the daughters of noblemen while they run around naked huffing kittens. In addition the play ends by Strindberg... ehhrm... I mean the guy in the play! telling miss Julie to kill herself.

Strinberg died suddenly while washing his hair. He was buried later the same day. However, some people believe that he has been resurrected, since he is the current emperor of Psyklopedin, in the same fashion as Oscar Wilde is here.