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Automagic is magic applied to cars, like in Harry Potter. Things can happen automagically when they happen when they have no reason to happen from programming or otherwise, but happen anyway due to automagic.

See Spell Preparation.

Automagic was invented by Bill Gates for use in Windows. Its purpose is to prevent the user from accomplishing anything useful by assuming it knows what you want, and not allowing you to take any other action. Unfortunately, this also very much applies to the mac... so society doesn't know what to believe and if an alien, like, visited our planet or something, he'd not know what the hell to think and probably go bat fuck insane from trying to act human. It is responsible for the formation of the USSR and most other forms of Evil. From there on, many magic-users adopted it to their usage.


  • Automagically is a way used by things to happen. When something happens without any further explanations clever people know at once that it's magic. If no magician is to be seen anywhere around, the phenomenon is said to have automagically happened. Automagic is sometimes considered as Nature magic.
  • The most famous user of automagic is Clippy. He is an autowizard.