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Avril Lavigne's butt (template family) is a controversial set of approval/disapproval templates commonly used on Uncyclopedia.[1] Many users have suggested that they clutter the wiki and should be removed, while others, though sympathetic to the misuse of the template, don't think they should be removed from the wiki entirely.

The series[edit]

The first template[edit]

The first template of the series was called "AvrilsButtDisapproves". It was created by an anonymous ip, who many believed suffered from a combination of templatia, fart fetishism, and some believe, mild retardation. Despite the popularity of this template, many users criticized it for being too large, wordy, and vulgar, while at the same time not really doing anything. There were some attempts to delete this one on VFD, but they all failed. Some users were hesitant to delete templates on userspace, while others thought this template was funny on one or two articles.

The second template[edit]

Shortly after the first template was created, a counterpart template, called "AvrilsButtApproves" was also created by the same author. As you can see, this template was very close to the first one, and was created by the same anonymous ip address approximately 40 minutes after the first one.

The third template[edit]

After the first two templates became widespread, it became apparent that there were some articles which Avril Lavigne's butt wouldn't have an opinion on. Most users believed such articles shouldn't have a template about Avril Lavigne's butt. However, a bold new user decided they should and created a third template named "AvrilsButtDoesntCare".

This quickly became more common than the other two templates in the series combined. At this point many users became worried that the template family was becoming to common and cliché. A second attempt at VFD was made, but it failed as template VFD attempts always do.

The fourth template[edit]

Despite having three options, many new users and ips did not know which template to put on a given page. To solve this problem, a fourth template was created, named "AvrilsButtForgot". It was specifically designed to be placed on articles where the proper respective template was hard to determine. Unfortunately, some users decided to place this on pages blindly, hoping that a later editor will determine Avril's butt's opinion on the article and place the appropriate template. Not surprisingly, this template soon surpassed the 3rd in popularity.

The fifth template[edit]

To counter the flood of this family templates, many users resorted to removing them as policy. This started many edit wars, and proved futile. So, a relatively experienced user created a fifth template to protest the the excessive use of Avirl's Butt templates. Called "AvrilsButtDisapprovesOfAvirlsButtTemplates", this template was soon placed on nearly every article which had an "Avril's butt" template on it. Many have suggested that this template is self-defeating, even though the template creator had good intentions.

The sixth template[edit]

To counter the spread of the previous template, this template was added to mark out articles in which should have an "Avril's butt" template. Called "AvrilsButtApprovesOfAvirlsButtTemplates", this template started many edit wars over the issue of whether this template or "AvrilsButtDisapprovesOfAvirlsButtTemplates" should be on a given article. This conflict would soon be resolved by the next and final template of the family.

The seventh template[edit]

The final template of the series (so far), this template was used to solve edit wars. As per Uncyclopedia policy, this template is used whenever there is a conflict over whether Avril Lavigne's butt would approve or disapprove of an "Avril's butt" template being of a specific article. Named "AvrilsButtIsNotSureIfThisArticleShouldHaveAnyOrNotAvirlsButtTemplates" this template largely replaced "AvrilsButtApprovesOfAvirlsButtTemplates" and "AvrilsButtDisapprovesOfAvirlsButtTemplates" on most of the popular and commonly edited articles, and is now the most commonly used template of the series.

There have been some attempts to remove the whole family on VFD and through a forum vote. However, such attempts are now forbidden as the issue has been discussed several times.

Advisory templates[edit]

The following templates have been added to convey important information about this article.[2]

Mwa ha ha ha ha!
This article wants to drink your blood!

Approved by the Dancing Milk
Approved by the Dancing Milk.

This page has met the criteria of the Dancing Milk; it now has permission to dance and spill milk.
Be careful to not spill any milk or you will have to cry over it.

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  1. Notice to Noobs: this is sarcasm. These templates do not exist and should not exist. If you attempt to create these templates, you most likely be perma-banned, and admins may find your ip address, use your ip address to find your place of residence, and burn down your home.
  2. Again, don't spam the templates below, in fact, they probably shouldn't be used at all