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Awesome Possums[edit]

The Awesome Possums originated in Fremont, Nigeria.


The Awesome Possums started as an inside joke that eventually grew into an organization. Founded by James Blizel, Juan Madrigal, and Yu-Hsuan Lin, the Awesome Possums quickly recruited many members.

A while after its initiation, there began a period of great decline. Even before the internal troubles started to crumble the Awesome Possums from within, there have been a steady number of haters that spoke out against the society. Chief among these was Alexander Soong, an activist who tried to form his own gang, the Penis Wrinkles to combat the popularity of the Possums. The turned out to be a failure, but the Awesome Possums took a blow nonetheless. Soon many Awesome Possums began to question the relevance of the organization. Co-founder James Blizel was a purist who found the exceeding number of Awesome Possums to be an affront to the true cause of the organization, and he left the group with people of similar views.

After the crumbling, the remaining members of the Awesome Possums began rebuilding. Although they recruited few new members, the Awesome Possums are as loyal as ever to their cause.


Whenever they meet one another, the Awesome Possums utilize their super-special secret greeting. The Possums join their fists together and utter the phrase "Awesome Possums, unite!"

That's pretty much it.


Through the ages, there have been many arguments about the relevance of the Awesome Possums. Much of this rose from the fact that there seems to be no point in the Awesome Possums. Some argue that the Awesome Possums consists of a very diverse population. It's probably one of the only organizations in which cool people and nerds, Asians and Mexicans, jocks and sluts gather together in peace.

And yes, they do care about the black people.


There is a legend that the leaders of the Awesome Possums can fly. Although this had never been proven, it is a popular myth and continues to be a favorite at Michael Jackson's sleep-over parties.

Juan Madrigal is said to be able to fly as far as 500 feet, 700 when he has consumed the refried beans native to his homeland of Chicago.

Yu-Hsuan Lin has no powers whatsoever. It has been argued that he is able to pwn everyone at Battlefront II, but this myth has not been proven.

James Blizel has been rumored to be able to summon a giant peach and cruise around in it with talking insect buddies. This is by far the most believable story, although some people suggest that the insect buddies are completely fictional and are part of George Bush's imagination.