Ayhvga tabad fee ling'abot tis

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“Huh? Oh, no, I don't smoke.”

~ Oscar Wilde on An unrelated subject

“Well, I guess it could work!”

~ Oscar Wilde on ???

Ayhvga tabad fee ling'abot tis (prounounced I've got a bad feeling about this) is an Ancient Australian curse that brings mishap upon those who say it and those around them.


In 1788 AD War was Beginning. Whitey invaded Australia and the Aboriginals knew they were going to lose. So they gathered the twenty most powerful warlocks in all of Australia, and together they created the phrase. They would write the phrase on windows and throw them at Whitey's brick houses, but the window often broke, so they gave up. They instead assimilated into Whitey's culture, waited for 200 years, and then began inserting the phrase into movies.


The phrase has been known to cause any or all of the following afflictions:


The only way to undo the phrase is by reciting the incantation Klaatu Barada Nikto fourteen and a half times in exactly 12.656667 seconds. It is unknown if it has ever been sucessfully staved off in this manner.