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An angel banished from Heaven, like Lucifer and Chuck Norris. Although Azazel did something much worst. He fucked God's wife while smoking his stash. God was so pissed he sent Azazel to a place much worst than Hell. Yes, Azazel was sent to Earth. Azazel could not be seen by humans, nor touch them. After a week of sneaking into college girls' changing rooms and strip clubs, he got fucking horny. So he went to Satan, his home boy, and traded his Pokemon cards for a special ability. That ability was being able to control humans, he could touch a human and become that human. And so the orgy marathon began. Azazel being able to control powerful people, he was sorted. Every year on a specific day he would create the biggest gangbang. The gangbang was named after Gods wife(christina) and his pet penis name. So that day is now known as Christmas.

The ancient Jews, once a year, would sacrifice two goats: one for Jehovah, and one for Azazel. The King James Bible translates "Azazel's Goat" as "scapegoat", in order to hide the fact that the ancient Jews were thoroughly and openly polytheistic, as even a casual reading of the Old Testament will establish.