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The Azrians, a small fighting army which is now currently spread throughout the world. Their Military bases are arcades which can be up to 5 stories high, and has a slushie machine on every floor. They were in mutiple wars, with the junkies, druggies and even the Thespians, who everyone despises because of their mocking of all innocent llamas last year. The war lasted only a few months, but many spray cans were used, and many theatres were badly reviewed. The Azrians became victorios when the Thespians surrendered after the burning of the school play scripts. Many have said that it was crossing the line, but no copies were harmed after the surrender. The Azrians have gone through multiple styles of government, but are currently a monarchy which royal blood are in control, and hold all the property of the Azrians, every singled arcade and sushi bar in America. But they are now fighting with the thespians again for which they are searching for the ultimate power, and the Azrians believe it should not be in the hands of complete morons such as the Thespians. Template:Rewrite/Soft