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Photo of what the collector's edition DVD case of B might be like.

“Why "A" first??”

~ B


~ Anon on /B/

“Congrats, you found the b.”

“A - http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/508065

~ TURDO on B


~ Spanish on B


~ Spammers on B


~ Germans on B


~ Finns on B

“It's a letter”

“It look liek bewbees, or a but”

~ Retarded pubescent boys

B, made by StrawberryClock Enterprises (In afilliation with Global Star Movies), is one of the top grossing movies of all time. August 15, 2001, the day it came to theaters, is now known as "g Day." Because of this, this date is also known as Clock Day, for some perverted reason. In the year 2006, B would have been released as a special edition DVD, containing all the crap B left out.

Biography of B[edit]

B starts out on a white screen. It then ends.

B is the second son of the Alph family, and next in line after its brother A. B has had a long standing Leaf of A, likely due to always being second in everything. B also destests that the vowels are regarded higher then itself, and has been long campaigning to become a vowel in place of U. B, in its lower form b, was exposed in a scandel involveing p and q. The rivalry with the letter U has since escalated becuse of this, and thus U keeps a close watch over q in case B was to attempt anymore advances. Over all B is a somewhat bitter letter, steming from its fate of being overshadowed by its higher brother, and even the lesser letters.

Some think that B was something of a peripheral catalyst and that it was some sorta summer hit, and StrawberryClock would have ended up bankrupt with or without it.

Others think that B is the reason the language AAAAAAAAA! was created, and if StrawberryClock had never made B, AAAAAAAAA! as we know it would not exist.

Regardless of this, B is a symbol of the letter after A and before C, as well as showing that the very birth of AAAAAAAAA! is rooted in the forbidden letter of the language. It serves as a reminder of where we come from.

However, the usage of B in texts such as flash movies and forum posts are considered to be, by many Uncyclopedians, overused. Poor usage of B is generally considered to display signs of a n00b.


B was replaced by V in all instances in 2007, according to G, b survives in coding however. The decision was simple according to A, b had lost his purpose and was out of the alphabet, its whereabouts are unknown, though it is expected for B to return in season 9 as a secondary consonant.


B has been illegally pirated into many flash movies serving a variety of different purposes over the years since it's been released. PepsiClock, for example, made C, a flash that is known for the copywright infringment of B, but C kills B.

A comparison of a Legal version and an Illegal version of B.

Since C, the single letter title theme has been used for many copywright infringmenting Flash movies, including
N, L,
Z, H,
f, and "R".

B itself has appeared in a number of films, notably as a cameo appearance in many Flash movies. Find all the B's! Quick!:
Clock Destroyer, True North, and How Crow Clock Stole Christmas. It's also appeared as something of a joke in The Void, The Void II, and Part 1: The Ineffable Pie. B's also appeared as an actual character in this crap, and just as a kind of thing in Seeking B. B even appears as a holy relic in Bananabeard II

As well as several appearances, B has also been used as a one-letter term in movie titles.

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