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The current BBC Two idents show the 2 as a window of the world. The first thing the 2 tries to gain a perspective on is coffee. It fails miserably.
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BBC Two (otherwise known as BBC2, BBC TWO, BBC-II or BBC-Not-1) was founded by Edd the Duck as the result of a drunken bet in the Dog and Feathers in 1922. Renowned for being ferociously independent from the rest of the corporation, – two BBC One employees were famously tickled with feather dusters live on air for daring to enter That Other Television Centre, the home of BBC Two. BBC Two produces a wide range of interesting and topical programming loved by all the residents of Skegness. Examples include:

  • Ceefax: Its contribution to World Peace - narrated by Sir Laurence Olivier with music by the Aphex Twin.
  • Weather Forecast Omnibus - presented by John Ketley's brother.
  • How to read the "Radio Times" - part of the BBC's contribution to the public good.
  • Da Royal Family - about the Windsor's contribution to hop-hip music
  • This is not BBC Two - but it isn't BBC One either
  • Newsnight - the popular childrens' programme presented by Andy Paxman
  • Watch with Mother - the "intelligent" polly-tic-al programme presented by Jeremy Pandy
  • Torchwood - aliens and sex in darkest Cardiff for gayer viewers.
  • BBC 4 on BBC 2- why would analouge viewers watch this its just a slice of how shitty BBC 4 is.

Recently, BBC Two has contributed to the educational well-being of the nation, by telling children of all ages when they are best able to escape from their PE (Posting Envelopes) lessons to go down to the pub or chippy. For this selfless act the current controller of BBC Two, Richard and Judy, has been given the prestigious "Pull! It's her!" prize.

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