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The BBS (an abbreviation for Bulleted Bored System) came into existence during paleolithic times when reptiles communicated through old-style POTS (Plain Old Testy System) and PANS (Pretty Antiquated Networking System) telephony. During these times, the average citizen did not have access to the Internet, so they formed their own system sort of ersatz network using tinfoil, lots of razor wire, carrier pigeons, and other assorted communication devices commonly available. These they connected to manual typewriters, which enabled them to store messages in huge sheets of papers for retrieval remotely.

Several styles of networking developed from this hodgepodge, none of which were compatible with the other.

People involved in this venture often warred about which type of system worked best, when in reality, they all performed about as well as Carrot Top on acid.

Should you meet anyone familiar with BBSing (also known as modemming), he likely is overweight, working in the software industry, and possessed of strong body odor. No females ever involved themselves in this style of communication, as they deemed it entirely too silly (and they couldn't figure out how to make it work). All known records of communications between males and females of an amorous nature through these technologies later revealed themselves to be marvelous spoofs between rivals. Some of these were terribly embarrassing to both parties involved in the spoof.


Networking Protocols[edit]

Bulletin Board Systems
Citadel | Fido | WWIV
FidoNet | WWIVnet
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