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The BCU or Bladder Control Union is a very wide known association for bladder control. Also it gives many resources to the bladder attacked and harassed. The materials used in their fending strategies are sand and rabbits feet. Remember if you are ever offended by a bladder call (816)294-9994 for the BCU! Don't forget to ask for Michael Hanson the Secretary of BCU. The BCU has been known to personally track down and eat the bladders that have been known to damage peoples lives and bodies. Those who eat these bladders are the suicide squad. They are usually depressed or just plain retarted.


Above: The main supporter of the BCU.

The BCU was founded by Devin Smith in 1302 and has yet to be recognized by the Times magazine. Aaron Jasa is the cofounder of the BCU. They have pushed past many years of hard pressed bladder attacks and has held out to find many supporters. His followers are part of the Orginization of Rabies. They have been known to be immune to the bite of the bladder. Soon after the founding of the BCU, the legal offices of Hawaii brougth them in league with The Legion of Rakes and Orange Creatures. Thus rendering them invincible to all political monsters and solicitors. Many people have thought that the BCU is a waste of American money but what they don't know is that the funding comes from the pearls made by bladders. Soon after their hunting the pearl is removed and sold on the Black Market and gives the BCU its funding moneys.

Joining the BCU[edit]

One of the many perks of being in the BCU.
You better watch out you better not cry...oh sorry my iSting is on. Join the BCU and receive a complimentary iSting.

Every day you will receive a complimentary Pop-Tart soon after joining the BCU, but remember to check for bladder poisons for they may try and kill off any supporters. If you desire a part in the BCU you may or may not be hunted by the bladder mercenaries. You may need to find shelter in the BCU headquarters (the barricaded campuseese of the University of British Columbia) and not die. At the moment of initiation you may receive many open wounds to see if the healing powers bestowed upon you work. If not we are truly sorry for your death. Please make the best choice for what you would like to be in the BCU. At this time we are running low on bladder eaters. We could use your help any day.

Seeking Help[edit]

If you have ever been harassed by a bladder and you are seeking to be redeemed to your natural state of order you need to visit the BCU's intensive care unit. You may be sexually or non-sexually touched and/or verbally abused. This will rouse your old working self and make you revert to your natural human state of being.

History of the BCU[edit]

  • 1302-is founded by Devin Smith.
  • 1456-Aaron Jasa is entered in to the BCU rosters.
  • 1589-Many more join the BCU.
  • 1777-The BCU launches its first attack on the bladder society and loses many in the act.

To Find the BCU[edit]

They find you.
Unless you are able to make it to the barricaded campuseese of the University of British Columbia through the hordes of bladders.

Famous Quotes[edit]

"The bladder stops here!" Devin Smith

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The BCU or Bladder Control Union is a very wide known association for bladder control.