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BTW is internet shorthand for By The Way. You'll often see this in people's away messages on popular services such as AIM and MSN.

BTW is also Dutch for Buis mijn Trol dan Wijf, which means something like Bite my Tiny Worm. something you say to someone with a small penis.

BTW Also stand for Booseday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Booseday takes place after Sunday and was created by George W. Bush on spank the monkey day while he was drunk, people now celebrate Booseday by robbing stores of their alcohol and having anal sex in the streets. The reason for anal sex is to keep the Earth's population at low.

BTW is also an ancient Welsh acronym for Bacon Tomato Wettus. Although wettus isn't a word and never has been one, The ancient Welsh wanted to rebel against the British occupation, and renaming a favorite British sandwich was the best they could come up with. Unfortunately, the only four people to ever use the phrase 'Bacon Tomato Wettus' were all hung as heritics.