Babel:1337/F1y!n6 5p46h377! M0n573r

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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for 4I1(14 I<3'15?
Zeichen 101.png

814nk!n6 0r v4nd4|151n6 7h15 p463 (4n 83 d4n63r0u5.
1E88 u53r5 4r3 (urr3n7|y 84nn3d 83(4u53 0f 7h15 p463.
1f y0u ju57 607 h3r3 4nd 4r3 m0r74||y 0ff3nd3d 8y 7h353 8|474n7 |135,
p|3453 r34d 480u7 |_|n(y(|0p3d14, the 8361nn3r'5 6u1d3,
4nd |-|0w 70 83 Funny 4nd |\|07 Ju57 57up1d
7h15 n0v3| F1y!n6 5p46h377! M0n573r 15 4|50 4v41|48|3 1n p4p3r84(k.

1IVI (-)0I'1, 1IVI (-)0I'1, 1IVI (-)0I'1”

83h01d 7h3 v15463 0f 7h3 0mn1p073n7 F1y1n6 5p46h3771 m0n573r. 845k 1n h15 n00d1yn355 4nd 574r3 464p3 47 h15 m34717ud3

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8088y h3nd3r50n (p4574 83 up0n h1m)


7h3 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r 15 4n 4m4|64m473d d317y (0mp053d 0f 7w0 53p4r473, 4nd d1571n(7 p4r75. 17 15 7h3 (3n7r4| p01n7 0f w0r5h1p 1n 7h3 r3|1610n (0mm0n|y kn0wn 45 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r15m 0r P4574f4r14n15m, 4((0rd1n6 70 wh1(h 17 15 7h3 (r3470r 4nd ()v3r533r, w47(h1n6 0ur |1v35 4nd 0ur w0r|d, (h4n61n6 7h3m 45 17 5335 f17. 8088y |-|3nd3r50n 15 7h3 6uru 0f 7h15 r3|1610n. |-|3 700, h45 hu63, 5p1(y m34784||5.

F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r15m 15 7h3 w0r|d'5 m057 3d1bl3 4nd f457357-6r0w1n6 r3|1610n.

7h3 ()n3 7ru3 |\/|0n573r[edit]

7h0u6h h3 15 (4||3d |\/|0n573r, h3 r34||y 15 n07 0n3, h3 15 7h3 |0v3 0f 4|| |1v35, h3n(3 "F|y1n6 5p46h3771 L0v3r" (y35 w17h 816 816 |\|00d|y 4pp3nd4635, 50 n0n-64y5 83\/\/4R3). 45 pr3v10u5|y n073d, 7h3 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r 15 (0mp053d 0f 7w0 53p4r473, 4nd d1571n(7 p4r75 (7hr33 1f 17 h4pp3n5 70 83 (0v3r3d 1n p4rm354n (h3353):

7h3 |\/|4j0r P45743r[edit]

  • 7h3 F|y1n6: 7h15 p4r7 0f 7h3 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r 61v35 17 f|16h7, 4||0w1n6 17 70 5p4n 1nf1n173 d1574n(35 1n 1nf1n17351m4| 5p4n5 0f 71m3. 7h15 p4r7 15 1rr3du(18|y (0mp13x, hyp3r-r34| (533 \/\/31rd (41(u1u5), 4nd (4nn07 83 8r0k3n d0wn 1n70 (0mp0n3n75. |)01n6 50 &nd45h; 1f 17 w3r3 3v3n p05518|3, 4nd 17 15n'7 &nd45h; w0u|d 1n(ur 7h3 wr47h 0f 7h3 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r. 17 15 pr0v3n 8y 7h15 53r135 0f m47h-|1k3 5qu166|35:
Failed to parse (syntax error): {\displaystyle = 73h (0r3 0f \int \left(yummy^2\right)' 347f00dx = \int nuc134r \, p0w3r^4 5p33d \, f0 \, d4rkn355 \ \left(\frac{\mathfrak{50u15 \, f0 \, 73h \, k!773n5\bigodot\left<bu773r+70457\right> }^3}{\frac{x}{67}W0r1d \, 0rd3r^t + (}\right)^{numb3r f0 k!773n5 huff3d}.}

7h3 0r161n4| f0rmu|4 r3v34|3d 70 P4574f4r14n 5(h0|4r5 d1d n07 1n(|ud3 7h3 8u773r 4nd 70457 3|3m3n7, wh1(h 15 n3(3554ry 70 r3|473 k1773n5 70 4n716r4v17y. 7h3 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r 1n5p1r3d 7h15 r3v1510n 0n3 d4y |-|3 5k1pp3d 8r34kf457.

  • 7h3 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r: 7h15 15 (0mm0n|y r3(06n1z3d 45 7h3 "80dy" 0f 7h3 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r 4nd, un|1k3 175 07h3r m4j0r (0un73rp4r7, 15 (0mp053d 0f 53v3r4| 5m4||3r 53(710n5. 7h353 4r3 (4||3d 7h3 |\/|1n0r P45743r.

7h3 |\/|1n0r P45743r[edit]

  • 7h3 |\/|3473r4:17 15 4 5ym80| 0f 57r3n67h 4nd f0r717ud3. 7h15 15 7h3 50ur(3 0f 7h3 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r'5 p0w3r.
  • 7h3 5p46h37713n: Pr0(33d5 fr0m 7h3 |\/|3473r4. 4|50 kn0wn 45 7h3 "|\|00d|y 4pp3nd463," 7h15 4||0w5 f0r 7h3 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r 70 3x73nd 175 6r45p 4(r055 7h3 r34(h35 0f 7h3 un1v3r53, 4ff3(71n6 3v3ry7h1n6 4nd 4ny7h1n6.
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7h3 14r6357 4nd m057 w1d31y r3(06n153d (hur(h 0f h15 n00d1yn355, 7h3 un173d (hur(h 15 0f73n 541d 70 h4v3 3x1573d 51n(3 7h3 d4wn 0f m1d6375

7h3 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r 15 7h3 50|3 d317y 1n 7h3 m0n07h31571( r3|1610n kn0wn 45 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r15m (F5|\/|15m pr0n0un(3d '3ff355m15um'). 17 h45 w1d3|y 833n 4((3p73d 45 f4(7 7h47 7h15, 4nd 0n|y 7h15 15 7h3 7ru3 r3|1610n, ju57 45 7h3 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r 15 7h3 7ru3 (r3470r 4nd ()v3r533r.

m0d3rn 53p4r471575 (m0571y 3ur0p34n y0u7h) w0r5h1p 4 51mp13r 4nd h1pp3r 1(0n 4nd 5pr34d 7h3 w0rd v14 7h3 r34r (hr0m3 0f 7h31r \/35p45

L1k3 7h3 8!813, mu(h 0f F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r157 |0r3 w45 p4553d fr0m 63n3r4710n 70 63n3r4710n, mu(h |1k3 7h3 ()dy553y, 7h3 !1!4d, 4nd 7h3 51mp50n5. 7h15 w45, 0f (0ur53, un71| 17 w45 (0d1f13d 1n 1492. 7h3r3 4r3 num3r0u5 r3(0rd5 0f 7h15 3v3n7 45 w3||. 7h3 f0r3m057 3xp3r7 0n 7h15 m4773r, 8088y |-|3nd3r50n (p4574 83 up0n h1m), 15 4 d35(3nd3n7 0f 7h3 0r161n4| (0d1f13r.

F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r15m 15 7h3 7ru3 r3|1610n. |\/|u(h |1k3 7h3 7r1(k573r, 60d, 0f (hr15714n17y, 7h3 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r 4|50 d3(31v35 7h3 5(13n71f1( w0r|d. 7h15 15 p05518|3 0n|y 83(4u53 7h3 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r 15 7h3 0n|y 4||-p0w3rfu| 831n6, 4nd 0n|y 4||-p0w3rfu| 831n65 (4n (h4n63 |480r470ry r35u|75 un83kn0wn57 70 7h31r f1nd3r5, 5h0w1n6 7h47 7h3 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r mu57, 1n f4(7, 3x157. 834r 1n m1nd 7h47 |-|15 w4y5 4r3 my573r10u5, 4nd 7h3r3 4r3 num3r0u5 73x75 7h47 3xp|41n why.

7h3r3 4r3 47 |3457 18,000 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r1575 1n 7h3 w0r|d 70d4y, 8u7 du3 70 p3r53(u710n, 7h3y 0f73n r3m41n 1n h1d1n6. |-|0w3v3r, 4 r3(3n7 m0v3m3n7 8y 8088y |-|3nd3r50n, 7h3 f0r3m057 3xp3r7 0n F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r15m 4nd d35(3nd4n7 0f 7h3 (0d1f13r 5h0w5 pr0m153 1n 8r1n61n6 7h3m 1n70 7h3 5p07|16h7.

|\/|0n573r157 53(75[edit]

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4 h3r371(4| 53(7, 7h3 R3f0rm3d (hur(h 0f 41fr3d0, 15 1n d33p 0pp051710n 70 7h3 m41n57r34m |\/|0n573r1575, 45 15 [h77p://www.y015m.0r6/?q=n0d3/3 5P4|\/|] (5p46h3771 & Pu|54r 4(71v471n6 |\/|34784||5), 4n07h3r F5|\/| 5p|1n73r 6r0up. (|41m1n6 70 h4v3 [h77p://www.y015m.0r6/?q=n0d3/3 7h3 ()n3, 7ru3 L3773r] 70 7h3 |{4n545 5(h00| 804rd, 5P4|\/|4710n'5 f0und3r, 5k4mf0r Pr0f17, h45 w4rn3d 7h47 7h053 wh0 83|13v3 1n |-|3nd3r50n'5 F5|\/| v3r510n 0f 7h3 L3773r w1|| 83 53n7—w17h 0n|y w4x3d-p4p3r wr4pp1n6 70 pr073(7 7h3m—1n70 7h3 5u8-z3r0 v01d 0f 1n73r573||4r 5p4(3, wh3r3 7h3y w1|| 83 5u8j3(73d 70 373rn4| fr33z3r 8urn.

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P4rr07 F3571v4|[edit]

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Fru17 5mu66|1n6[edit]

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|-|()\/\/ 7() 63|\||_|FL3(7:

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573P 3: P|4(3 7h3 p4|m5 0f 7h3 h4nd5 f1rm|y 0v3r 7h3 34r5.

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7h3 |\|00d|35 Pr4y3r[edit]

7h3 m057 (0mm0n pr4y3r, 45 d1(7473d 8y 7h3 pr0ph37 R46u:

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7h3 64n6574-455 p1mp v3r510n[1]:

  • ()ur p4574, wh0 4r7 1n 4 (r4zy 455 n1664 dr41nn 83 y0 n00d|35 w17 7h4 5-|\|-d0u8|3-()-P f0 r1z34| wh3r3 7h4 5un 83 5h1n1n n 1 83 rhym1n. 7hy n1zz|3 (0m3, 7hy 51zz|3 83 yum, 0n 70p 50m3 6r473d p4rm354n d066. F0-f0 d353r7 346|3 74 y0 m07h3rf1zz|35 d0m3 f0 5h33zy 50 1 (4n 637 m4h p1mp 0n. 175 j1znu57 4n07h4 h0m0(1d3. 61zzy u5 7h15 d4y 0ur 64r|1( 8r34d, n f0r61v3 u5 0ur |4(k 0f p1r4(y, 45 w3 p1r473 n 5mu66|3 4641n57 7h053 wh0 |4(k p1r4(y w17 u5 f0 5h33zy k33pn 17 r1zzy y0 70 1n(r3453 7h4 p34(3. 4nd |34d u5 n07 1n70 v36374r1zz|35 8u7 d3|1v4 u5 50m3 p1zz4, f0' 7h1n3 15 7h4 m34784||, 7h4 n00d|3, n 7h4 54u(3, p|4y4 n 64n6574 n 5h1zz4y h1771n 7h47 8007y. R4m1zz3n.

|-|41| |\/|34754u(3[edit]

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=== 71m3 |\|00d|3 ===

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|\/|y571(4| ()rd3r 0f 7h3 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r[edit]

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=== R071n1n14n5 ===

F1y1n6 R071n1 m0n573r

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7h3 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r 5h4|| 50m3d4y 4|50 (0m3 d0wn fr0m h15 1nv(158|3 p3r(h 470p m0un7 833r5p0u74|070ff3rm3n73d84r|3ypr0du(735, 4nd d357r0y u5 4|| w17h h15 6r347 4nd m16h7y n00d|y 4pp3nd4635. |-|3 w1|| 8urn 4nd d357r0y u5 4||, k1||1n6 4nd (ru5h1n6 u5 w17h h15 6164n71( m34784||5, r353rv1n6 h15 m057 73rr18|3 4nd fr16h73n1n6 wr47h f0r n0n-83|13v3r5 4nd 63r81|5. |-|3 15 n07 35p3(14||y r4(157, 8u7 54v4635 5u(h 45 v364n5 4nd 07h3r m1n0r17135 w1|| 83 (ru5h3d |1k3 7h3 h347h3n5 7h3y 4r3, 8|00d1|y 4nd p41nfu||y. "4nd y4y, up0n 7h3 h347h3n5 5h4|| (0m3 f13ry m34784||5 4nd |177|3 8175 0f 54u5463, 4nd |-|15 n00d|y 4pp3nd4635 5h4|| 70u(h 4||, 70 3m8r4(3 50m3 4nd 1nd33d, d357r0y 4|| 3|53."-7h0m45 3d150n

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1m463 0f h15 n00d1yn355 45 f347ur3d 1n 4n 3p150d3 0f "7h3 X-F1135"

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1n 4r7[edit]

1k3y d13d (7h3 (4d!).
Main article: Art

7h3r3 4r3 num3r0u5 1n574n(35 1n wh1(h 7h3 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r h45 m4d3 4pp34r4n(35 1n f1n3 4r7. |-|0w3v3r, m4ny 0f 7h353 4pp34r4n(35 h4v3 833n 3d173d 0u7 317h3r 8y 51n1573r f0r(35, 0r 8y |-|15 |\|00d|yn355 |-|1m53|f. 7h3r3 15 4 6r347 d34| 0f 5(r1p7ur3 57471n6 why |-|3 h45 d0n3 7h15, 8u7 7h053 5(r0||5 4r3 1n 53(ur3 570r463 r16h7 n0w. 17'd 83 700 mu(h 0f 4 807h3r 70 f15h 7h3m 0u7.

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  • 1n 6u3rn1(4, 8y P48|0 P1(4550 (fr4m3 700 5m4||, |-|15 |\|00d|1n355 h4d 70 83 54wn 0ff, mu(h 70 P1(4550'5 (h46r1n)
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1n 3du(4710n[edit]

7h3 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r h45 pr0v1d3d 6u1d4n(3 f0r 7h3 w0r|d'5 y0u7h 50 7h47 7h3y m16h7 83773r und3r574nd h15 (r34710n.

  1. 810|061(4| 3v0|u710n p057u|4735 4n un6u1d3d n47ur4| pr0(355 7h47 h45 n0 hum4n|y d15(3rn48|3 d1r3(710n 0r 604|. 7h3 d1r3(710n5 4nd 604|5 0f 7h3 F|y1n6 5p46h3771 m0n573r (4n 0n|y 83 kn0wn 8y |-|1|\/|.
    1. 7h3 pr353n(3 0f 7h3 54m3 m473r14|5 4nd pr0(35535 0f h3r3d17y (|)|\|4, r3p|1(4710n, 7r4n5(r1p710n, 7r4n5|4710n, 37(.) 15 u53d 45 3v1d3n(3 f0r 7h3 (0mm0n F|y1n6 5p46h3771 |\/|0n573r 4n(357ry 0f m0d3rn 0r64n15m5.
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|\|00d|3-L16h7 7h30ry[edit]

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7h30ry 0f 6r4v17y 4nd F5|\/|15m[edit]

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1n P0|171(5[edit]

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P0|171(4| 1nv0|v3m3n7[edit]

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533 4|50[edit]

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1mp0r74n7 F16ur35[edit]

4550r73d L135[edit]

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