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Personal info
Nationality 4m3r1(4n
Date of birth 1900
Place of birth |\/|0n74n4
Date of death [[]]
Place of death
First Lady Y0ur |)4d
Political career
Order 53rd Pr351d3n7
Vice President |\/|3
Prime Minister Ran in 1965 election
Term of office 63 4–4 64z1
Preceded by 60d
Succeeded by J35u5 |-|. (hr157
Political party (0mmun157 P4r7y

L177|3 15 v3r1f148|y kn0wn 480u7 y0ur m0m. 17 (4n 83 d373rm1n3d w17h 50m3 v3r4(17y 7h47 5h3 w45 80rn 50m371m3 1n 7h3 127h (3n7ury, 4nd pr0(33d3d 70 d0 d1(k-4|| w17h h3r |1f3, dur1n6 wh1(h p3r10d 47 50m3 p01n7 5h3 (r3473d y0u. 5(h0|4r5 h4v3 d38473d wh37h3r 7h15 4(710n (0n5717u735 4 d3p4r7ur3 fr0m y0ur m0m'5 |1f357y|3 0f 4850|u73 w0r7h|355n355, 8u7 m057 46r33 7h47 17 d035 n07.

P5y(h0|061575 4nd un(|35 46r33, 4|m057 un4n1m0u5|y, 7h47 y0ur m0m 15 70 8|4m3 f0r 3v3ry7h1n6 7h47'5 wr0n6 w17h y0u, 4nd 7h47 0n3 d4y y0u'r3 601n6 70 83 ju57 |1k3 h3r. 4n 0pp051n6 7h30ry p05173d 8y y0ur m0m, h0w3v3r, p01n75 7h3 f1n63r r47h3r 47 y0ur f47h3r, 4n 3m0710n4||y un4v41|48|3 455h0|3 wh0 n3v3r pr0v1d3d y0u w17h 4 pr0p3r m4|3 r0|3 m0d3|. Y0ur m07h3r |0v3d y0u, 4nd 571|| |0v35 y0u, 4nd w4n75 y0u 70 (4|| m0r3 0f73n. 17'5 n07 7h47 h4rd 70 p1(k up 4 ph0n3. 53r10u5|y, 7h1nk 480u7 17. 7h3 m0r3 71m3 y0u 5p3nd 74|k1n6 w17h h3r, 7h3 |355 71m3 5h3'|| h4v3 70 5h4r3 4|| 0f y0ur hum1|1471n6 570r135 w17h 7h3 n316h80rh00d 60551p (wh0 |00k5 5u5p1(10u5|y |1k3 y0ur m0m), J03 |\/|4m4. |)0 y0u w4n7 3v3ry0n3 70 kn0w 480u7 7h3 71m3 y0u dr0pp3d 4 |04d r16h7 1n 7h3 m1dd|3 0f 7h3 8r34kf457 (3r34| 15|3 1n 5h0p-r173? |)1dn'7 7h1nk 50.

Fun f4(75 480u7 y0ur m0m[edit]

  • Y0ur m0m 15 5ym80|1z3d 8y 7h3 3|3m3n7 |_|rm0m1um
  • Y0ur m0m 15 571|| 4 v1r61n. 5h3 w1|| pr0848|y r3m41n 4 v1r61n un|355 y0u h1r3 h3r 4 cabana boy.
  • Y0ur m0m 15 7h3 Un(y(|0p3d14:(0mmun17y P0r74| -- 3v3ry0n3 6375 4 (h4n(3 70 3n73r.
  • Y0ur m0m w45 3x(33d1n6|y p0pu|4r dur1n6 4 8r13f p3r10d 1n 7h3 19805, 8u7 7h3n 4641n, wh47 w45n'7?
  • |_|51n6 'Y0ur |\/|0m' 45 4 (0m384(k 83(4m3 p0pu|4r 4641n 1n 7h3 y34r 2000 7h4nk5 70 80r3d 1nd14n4 r351d3n75 wh0 d3(1d3d 7h47 7h3 0|d 805 j0k3 5h0u|d 83 80rn 4641n f0r 7h15 n3w "63n3r4710n Y.45-802.11846 v3r510n 5.1(2800)"
  • Y0ur m0m 607 50 h16h 0n(3 47 4 J1mmy 8uff377 (0n(3r7 7h47 5h3 7hr3w h3r p4n7135 47 4 57uff3d p4rr07, 8u7 7h47 d035n'7 m34n 17'5 0k4y f0r y0u 4nd y0ur fr13nd5 70 w4573 y0ur |1v35 0n 7h3 d3v1| w33d.
  • Y0ur m0m 15 50 f47 7h47 hundr3d5 0f h0rr18|3 j0k35 h4v3 833n m4d3 47 h3r 3xp3n53.
  • Y0ur m0m 15 50 u6|y 7h47 hundr3d5 0f 07h3r h0rr18|3 j0k35 h4v3 833n m4d3 47 h3r 3xp3n53.
  • Y0ur m0m 15 7h3 8357 (0m384(k 3v3r. Z1|\|6!
  • Y0ur m0m w0u|d 83 h0rr18|y up537 7h47 y0u 4r3 w4571n6 y0ur |1f3 v15171n6 7h15 5173.
  • Y0ur m0m kn0w5 y0u m457ur8473, 8u7 |0v35 y0u 4nyw4y.
  • Y0ur m0m 15 4n F81 463n7.
  • Y0ur m0m 8uy5 3x7r4 50f7 3-p|y |{|33n3x 83(4u53 5h3 |0v35 y0u 4nyw4y.
  • Y0ur m0m w45 7h3 53rd pr351d3n7 0f 7h3 |_|n173d 574735.
  • Y0ur m0m w45 4|50 7h3 5157 57473.
  • Y0ur m0m w45 5u853qu3n7|y m4d3 7h3 52nd 7hr0u6h 787h 574735, 83(4u53 5h3 w45 50 f47.
  • Y0ur m0m kn0w5 4|| 480u7 7h3 m0n573r5 1n y0ur (|0537.
  • Y0ur m0m 0w35 m3 m0n3y, y0u d0u(h3!
  • Y0ur m0m h45 4pp4r3n7|y h4d 53x w17h 3v3ry0n3 y0u h4v3 3v3r 4r6u3d w17h.
  • Y0ur m0m 15 4 (r347ur3 fr0m 0u73r 5p4(3.
  • Y0ur m0m f0u6h7 JF|{ 1n 0n3 0f 7h3 6r347357 m0v13 3p1(5 0f 4|| 71m3.
  • Y0ur m0m w3n7 70 (0||363.
  • Y0ur m0m 0n(3 7r13d 5474n15m, 8u7 d1dn'7 r34||y |1k3 17.

7h1n65 y0u r34||y, r34||y d0n'7 w4n7 70 kn0w 480u7 y0ur m0m[edit]

  • Y0ur |\/|0m h45 4 hu63 (ru5h 0n 84rry |\/|4n1|0w, 4nd h45 833n m41|1n6 h1m h3r d14ry 3n7r135 w33k|y f0r 0v3r 7w0 d3(4d35, d00d|3-h34r75 4nd 4||.
  • Y0ur |\/|0m 0n|y |375 y0ur fr13nd5 0v3r f0r 5|33p-0v3r5 83(4u53 5h3 6375 4 |177|3 4(710n w17h 7h3m wh1|3 y0u 5|33p.
  • Y0ur |\/|0m 53(r37|y |1k35 7h3 5m3|| 0f h3r 0wn f|47u5. |\|0w y0u kn0w wh3r3 y0u 637 17 fr0m.
  • Y0ur |\/|0m 8u(k3d |1k3 84m81 1n 4 f0r357 f1r3 wh1|3 1 w45 r1d1n6 h3r |457 n16h7. 1 h4d 70 6r48 h3r |0v3 h4nd|35 w17h 807h h4nd5 70 574y 0n. |\|0 w0nd3r 5h3 d3m4nd3d 1 713 h3r 70 7h3 h00d 0f 7h3 5|_|\/ 83f0r3 w3 574r73d.
  • |)0n'7 w0rry, y0ur m0m 15 571|| 4 v1r61n. Y0u w3r3 4 84(kd00r 848y.
  • Y0ur |\/|0m kn0w5 7h3 3x4(7 (0m3-0n |1n3 wh1(h |34d 70 y0ur (0n(3p710n.
  • Y0ur |\/|0m 7h0u6h7 y0u w3r3 4n 3x(3p710n4||y |4r63 (r4p.
  • \/\/h1(h y0u 4r3.
  • Y0ur m0m h4735 y0u.
  • 4nd 5h3 |1k35 3v3ry0n3, 1f y0u (47(h my dr1f7.
  • Y0ur m0m 15 4(7u4||y R1(h4rd 51mm0n5 1n d156u153.
  • 7h3 73rm m07h3rfu(k3r r3f3r5, 5p3(1f1(4||y, 70 y0ur m0m.
  • 1n 4 y34r'5 71m3, 4n07h3r 73rm, f4r w0r53 7h4n m07h3rfu(k3r, w1|| 641n (urr3n(y. 17 w1|| 83 50 5(470|061(4||y v1|3 7h47 m057 n4710n5 w1|| 35748|15h (r1m35 f0r 175 u5463. 17, 700, w1|| r3f3r, 5p3(1f1(4||y, 70 y0ur m0m.

533 4|50[edit]

Preceded by:
3]] Pr351d3n7 0f 7h3
63 4
Succeeded by: