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Backspace is the amount of space one's back takes up. Some backs are smaller than others, whereas some, notably the hunchback, are larger. One may determine the size of one's back by taking a ruler and measuring it, dividing it by Pi and adding the size of the circumference of their thumb. This is the rule of thumb.

Backspace is important if you want to be or be associated with being a Backpacker.

Some historians speculate the Great War of the Motherland (1939-1945) was caused by a confusion between the backspace key on the keyboard and the delete key. One document from the archives reads "Come to the conference and we will kill^H^H^H^Hgreet you", which is clear evidence of confusion. Other historians speculate this is merely a result of grumpy old unix farts and can be completely ignored.

Backspace is also a letter of the alphabeta. Saying it immediately cancels all previously said. Commonly it is used (and abused) by politicians. In other words, IT'S WHAT YOU SAY WHEN YOU SCREW UP, ARTARD!