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The Gay Story[edit]

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“In Soviet Russia Backyardigans shoots you”

~ Russian Reversal on Backyardigans
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr Matey, Sal's Shushi shop welcomes YOU!!!!!

“To be raped or not to be raped, that is the question”

~ William Shakespear on Backyardigans

The creation[edit]

The backyardigans are a pornographicly centered children's show from the 1940's.It was created by Micheal Jackson, Your Mother, and satan. Together they decided to make a show about puppies love, little gay penguins, and of course, the occasional crossdresser. The show first got skyrocketing ratings as it was considered polliticly incorrect,fascinating, and allover controversial. However it soon got boring. Every episoede had pretty mch the same plot. First there would be Pablo's Corner which consisted of penguins making out.Then there would be Sal's sushi bar(don't ask). The show took up an about two hour time block, on PBS Kids. A minute of sal's shushi bar, and an hour 59 minutes of Pablo's corner. However too spice the show up (and to promote his brainwashing CD's) Micheal Jackson began slow dance lesson session. However he was soon arrested for demoralizing the youth. After this bad beggining, things soon got much worse

How Cold thing get even worse?[edit]

After this startup failiure, and one of the show's creators being in jail(Micheal Jackson had lost all rights to the show),Your Mother and Satan decided to split up the show and split the copyrights 50/50. Your Mom (who we will now reffer to as Your, her last name not being important)