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Bad Grammar is were in prose or. Poetry someone, forgets to inserted correct punctuation, or forms of words.

There are many great teachers, in bad grammar, notably G.w.b or Soccer Players if you live in the UK.

They are the, worlds? leading authorities in bad grammar and can-often be sawed intertwining bad grammar into their speech so effective that, nobody notices.

However. Nobody listens to nobody and so bad grammar is slowly being ? Slipped into the English language.

There are only. A little people who can; boast never to have used, bad grammar in they're life/

“Because English are us native languages, us yung Americans speak most well with not no nevering no bad grammar anytime.”

~ yung Americans on Bad Grammar

“Good English I speak; no excuse for bad grammar, there is.”

~ Yoda on Bad Grammar

“I R hav meh Wii”

~ Stupid 8 year old on Nintendo Wii

“OMG! Mieley Cirus r AWSUM! Ur just jelus!”

~ Random ten year old girl on bad grammar

“I have fury! Fawful has the mustard of good grammar!”

~ Fawful on Bad Grammar

The History of Bad Grammar[edit]

Bad Grammar is unsurprisingly was invented shortly after good grammar. It is now widely believed that Bad grammar first originated someplace I can't think of at roughly the same time as bad teeth and GINGIVITIS! Bad grammar first became popular however during the war of the Spanish succession when The SHIT of Marlborough-ton forced all of his soldiers to be learned in the art of awesome-bad grammar. this began a tradition of bad grammar throughout Britain particularly in the east end of London.

Famous Bad Grammers[edit]

  • This here author (*)
  • Winston Churchill
  • The Fonze
  • Stephenie Meyer
  • Iggy Pop
  • Most authors
  • Journalists (*)
  • Your mom
  • Proof Readers
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Fawful
  • LOLcatz
  • That dude down the road who lives in a trailer

how to Bad Your grammor![edit]


The most, easiest, way of bad grammer, also there are waffles: is to put appostrpohe's wherever you want but not wear they should be example's of this r:

  • I have no spork's
  • Can I have you're brothers spork's
  • Y does you'r brother not have sporks'
  • Fin'e ill' go' and by m'y own 'then
  • B'ut m'a'ma, bub'ba 's di'in
  • ne'need's'a sp or'k
  • You been gettin' a beating
  • I study on killin' you
  • I has a lovely bunch o' coconuts
  • Its a lovely day foo a walk, dont's you think?
  • The three dog's went for a walk in you're park.
  • I wan't a spork plz plz

( You can see how obsessed with sporks I am here) (also, I am a douche)


You can realy put commas wherever the FUCK you want realy it doesn't have to, mean anything its just; to make you look clever!!!!


You can do it as easy as fucking pie! as like this you don;t even need examples to do it you can even put it instead of appostrophies? if you realy wan't

dan't forgit to , add spaces , between the , commas , to make yourself , look important , the more commas , you add , the more important , you look see how that werks.yes , you look , very awsome , and important.,:' .

Or in other cases you can rite realy long boring useles sentenses without ever once using commas not even a singul one prolly becuse your to lazy ignorant stupid etc to use them

The Word You're![edit]

Sorry, your going to have to check your answers on that one. This word does not exist, has never existed, and never will. (Though I could be wrong) I can't even begin to go on about how stupid your sounding right now (but especially me). Look at me, I can sound so much better than you online by typing properly and NOT have the credibility of my statement utterly destroyed by one stupid mistake that your thinking that I done made.


u cn put yer peroids a lot................. ......................... ....... c like dat


Cannot think of the right word to use???? Add an Un- to it! hell if it's not even grammar! e.g.

  • untall people are called hobbits
  • she is unskinny a.k.a. Big 'Un!!
  • hey your girlfriend's actually quite unshitty!
  • dude cutting off your balls for the camera is so unawesome.
  • is there anyone who actually likes unsexing?

problem solved!

caps lock IS YER FREIND[edit]


  • Caps lock may be the cruise control for cool, but you still need to steer.

CaPTuLs N LowErCaeS (CoOl PeEpZ OnLy)[edit]

If YoUr ReAl CoOl U cAn tYpE LiKe DiS tO ItS GoOd tO UsE nO SymBoLz CuZ iT EaSy tO ReAd 4 mE wEn i TyPe iT sO Y NoT U TO HuH Y nOt

Use gooder werds[edit]

Insteed of "don't" use "dun" insteed. Whun yew nead to use "have" use "of" insteed. When in Canada, speek liek a Francie use "aboot" instead of "about", call it "newfundlund" instead of "newfoundland" thiys luv it whan yew do it thot way. Insteed of "wrap" use "rap", insteed of "can't" use "cunt". It make yew suond leik a kool dood! I dun no whot yew talk aboot Francie, do yew leiv in newfundlund or somethin? Maybe they rap prescences whon thiy of kristmos thire becouse they cunt spell leik us smert poople?

Anything else![edit]

If, you see a symbol that you like - but you dont know what it was means) you can use it WHY NOT" it;s not like people wont knot know what you talking about

semicolons ; are yer friends ; use them with colons : to add spice : to yuo writing ; see how : easy ; that was :?

a woman (insert either a ',' ';' or ':' here) without man is nothing.

asterisks * who know what they fore? Use * them * anyway * they is fun *

of and & and you & look important &

exclimation point ! also called ! the bang ! are lonely ! add some 1's and 2's to them ! to get the desired effect !!!!111122222

Anonymous Slashy, pictured here, uses slashes to vandalize articles.

dolla sign $ now we talkn' money foo $ now yuo look rich $ in UK use pound £ now yuo sound as pound £ god save the queen £ in japan ¥ use the yen ¥ send it again ¥ or use the euro € which is the better € of them all € because europe € houses the banks € they all trade € currancies with €

slash \ use them for \'\'\'bold\'\'\' words \\\ and \\\ vandalizing \\\ articles \\\ when you \"feel like you\'re being mocked\" in the \\\ article \\\ because of \\\ some syndrome \\\ you claim \\ that onli \\\ you have \\\ and everyone \\\ else \\ is faking\\'\\'\'\\/\/\//\/\/\/\/\/\//\\/\ tilde ~ WHOA I dont~ even KNOW what the hell~~ ~~ ~THIS~~ is for but im gon keep ~USING IT~!!~~

Emoticonz and engrish roxorz[edit]

Emotions Roxors^_^ It makez yuo look nikre SUGOI KAWAII DESU NE:D XD Use theemu when yuo r really happi, horny, and in a11 situationz......^///^1f yuo dont uze egrish or :D XD ^_^ @[email protected] $_$ yuo tosutally suxrz lol >:( >:O ~_~

The 10 12 ,Grama Rules[edit]

  • 1. Either, use a, comma, exactly, where, it is, needed or never ever ever ever ever use it at all and not even then!
  • 2. check order or & words what correct rite to you Always the ensure sense all type easy are the in understanding make absolutely perfect for.
  • 3 Always end a sentance with a full-stop this will help people understand where the sentence ends if there is no full-stop people might be confused because they won't know where the sentence ends full-stops are called periods in American always end sentences with periods
  • 4. ensure ONLY proper NouNs & The FIRST Word After A Full Stop Has A CAPITAL LettER. (Such Examples include: Tiger, Desk, france, Dwight D. Eisenhower , childe sykology & CubERT)
  • 5. Allwase ceque wurds four speelign mistayks, whitch cna eb revy founsingc fore othre peapol wehn thei reed what yuo rought.
  • 6. Oh Bloody Hell.. Why Did I make it 10 rules! Like dohnuts they come inna dozen.
  • 7. Only end a question with a question mark? (For Example?: ?Do you Canoe?)
  • 8. Do not use no double negatives
  • 9. Aviod redandant redandancy..........ek fwiend pwal
  • 10. Rember to never split infintives.
  • 11. Be esy wen u yuse exclamashum marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 12. And never start a centance with "And"? Yet yuo can end a cetance with "And", "to", "but" and "firstly".

Remebahr if yuos makke missteak, nobodiey khares, becuase werd prosseccors on kompyuterrs hove biullt inn spleeing and grammer tzcheckers whitsch cann currect inpropur spleeign.

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