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Bad Jokes: Just Say No!

“'cause the joke is on me!

~ Tamia

Commonly cited as one of the most vile and odious forms of self-expression known to man (excluding of course editing articles on this vile website), bad give people a way to reveal that they're dumbasses, while allowing them to simultaneously lose any vestige of dignity they had in their miserable lives. God how I detest them. May the fires of a thousand suns immolate them in burning world of agony for all eternity. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest their armpits. May their flesh putrefy and fall off in strips. Amen, Lord.

Just say no to Bad Jokes[edit]

Bad jokes have been known to:

  • cause massive internal haemorraging, hernias, rickets, cancer, glaucoma, kitten overdose, scurvy, death, super death, birth defects, and flu.
  • incite psychotic rage in friends, coworkers, teenagers.
  • be distributed by emails. They may have dangerous additives "cut" with them, like Nigerian bank offers, low price viagra, penile extensions and free porn.
  • get editors blocked from Uncyclopedia.

Any person caught distributing, creating or in possesion of such jokes should be shot on sight or sent to Encyclopedia Dramatica.