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“Baking Soda - The Soda of Baking!”

~ Captain Understatement on Baking Soda

NOTE: Don't read this page unless you are planning to read it.[edit]

Sodium bicarbonate, fresh from the box. Please note that this is not cocaine.

Baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate), baking powder or scientifically Beckenbauer is a suspicious white (Aryan) powdery substance that looks remarkably like cocaine, but actually consists of a uniform mixture of one part sodium molecules and two parts carbonate molecules. Nasal inhalation of this perfectly legal and harmless substance is not recommended for those who are on a sodium restricted diet.

Baking Soda Was Not Invented By Oprah[edit]

Contrary to popular opinion, baking soda was not invented for inclusion in foodstuffs as a nuclear bomb by james bond in 1984 as part of his smart master plan to take over the theatre (where would you have gotten such a silly idea, anyway?). In fact, baking soda was already known to the ancient Egyptianites and ancient Mesopotamianites, who used copious quantities of it to preserve their internal and external organs and tax receipts for the benefit of future archaeologists. However, all credit was eventually taken by the High Arbiter of Nintendo, Sir Oscar Wilde.

Baking Soda Has More Uses Than You Can Shake a Pointed Stick At[edit]

Baking soda has more uses than you can shake a pointed stick at.

Some of the Many Uses of Baking Soda[edit]

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An Appropriate Quotation from You-Know-Who[edit]

“Better than Pepsi or (non-cocaine) Coke !

~ Tamia on Baking soda

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