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The Ban Brigade (BB)[edit]

The Ban Brigade (, (BB) is a holy-order of n00b-banning 1337 gamers, usually refferred to as the 'BB Crew'. They make a comic strip create illustrated representations dedicated to their wild adventures and mortal perils against The Forces of N00bish-ness. You may contact the Ban Brigade at their forum, which is the main source of their banning-adventures, or their IRC channel (#banbrigade), which is usually empty, thanks to the invasion of the Dynamic Uber Commando Koalas. (D.u.c.k.s) The artist founder of the BB is none-other than CanadianSamurai, and leads his group valiantly. CS has the only known Labradeer Retriever in existence in his possesion. The main soldiers of the Ban Brigade will be mentioned later.

Why ban those poor n00bs?[edit]

Feel no pity for them, for they are the scourge of the Gaming Galaxy. They are a threat to all 1337 gamers.

Charachtereristics of the n00b[edit]

They are dumb. They are easily confused by the all-holy 1337 language. Scum. You may easily identify a n00b on Xbox Live by their tendency to walk around shooting the floor. Or having horrible aim, and cursing violently at Your Mother when you kill them.

How do I join the Holy Cause?[edit]

Here's a clue. Down the road, not across the street.

Who Are the Holy Ones Who Lead the Ban Brigade?[edit]

The BB founder and fearless leader. Fear him. CS also draws the actual comics provides pictoral representations of their skirmishes.

A man of great intelligence, and creates the plots for the comic records their valiant adventures.

A brave bloke who will risk all to uphold the Holy Cause of the Ban Brigade. ODST draws the advertising banners informs the general public of a new chapter in their crusade to rid the n00bs from the Gaming Galaxy.

A soldier who tends to seperate the n00bs' head from their bodies. HH... well... we don't know what he does is a do-all handyman.

Is the Brigade's sniper. Duh. He is incredibly accurate with a sniper rifle and created the Ban Brigade Forum. (BBF) made the place availible for fans followers to congregate and share their ideas.

Is the real Spawn. Not one of the fake Spawns you see on the streets. He created the IRC channel with CS' help ... uh... um... made the real-time area of congregation for the fans followers.

Why do I sense weed being involved when you wrote this?[edit]

Not weed; kittens. LARGE. ORANGE. KITTENS. so FUCK YOU ALL!!!