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The quantity of items that are Banned From China is even greater than a googolplex, and possibly even the number of kernels in a never ending bag of popcorn. Google itself is banned from China, and the Chinese get to use a crappy-ass version that filters everything out.

There are probably more things banned from China than there are people or Internet connections in the country itself, and people are constantly making sure that no freedom and democracy get through because they're freaky like that.

Things banned from China[edit]

The menace of Red China

This is not an exhaustive list. An exhaustive list would eat this Wiki's servers up and probably eventually take over the world.

  1. Fortune cookies
  2. Magic markers
  3. Tamia
  4. Bananas
  5. Banana Phones
  6. Other Banana related gadgetry
  7. Gunther
  8. Potatoes
  9. Starting Confucious quotes by saying "Confucious say..."
  10. Sveedes, cuz dey are veird. +
  11. Richard Nixon, obviously.
  12. Laughing in longer than 2 second bursts
  13. Dogs named Spot, Lucky, or Fido
  14. Contact Lenses
  15. Lollygagging
  16. Shenanagans
  17. Tom-foolery
  18. Taco Bell or any reference to Latin-American cuisine
  19. Chinese Checkers
  20. Tom petty
  21. All people with the name Dylan