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“I did that one...”

~ Bill Clinton on Banxy

“Banxy is my sexy leprechaun”

~ Most of the cool people on Banxy

“He's the reason I turned homosexual, not your mum”

~ Oscar Wilde on Banxy

“Beep Beeeeeeep”

~ R2D2 on ... Where the fuck is C-3PO when you need him, F-ing gay androids

“ohhh! OOOOOHHHHH!!!!”

~ Banxy on Ya Mum

“In soviet Russia, Ya mum does Banxy”

~ Soviet Russia on Banxy

Early life[edit]

Banxy (born - Banx google yahooo windows) He was born Very short and referred to as friends as a sexy little leprachaun

Banxy is one of a certain species of leprechaun, more commonly known as mother fuckers. Their main aim in life is to make sweet and passionate love to the mothers of humans and mice.

“Banxy says hey hey hey...”

Published Books[edit]

Banxy has published many books including

Most famously 1) mother fucking for dummies

2) mother fucking for dummies 2

3) mother fucking for 2 dummies

4) mother fucking - advanced class

5) telling the difference between leprechauns and.... ME!!!!! (an autobiography)


Banxy started as a cheap prostitue but it soon failed when he wouldn't have sex with anyone unless they had children. He said this was because of trauma he suffered as a child when he had to eat his way out of his mothers womb because the cesarian didn't work. He also said this in a totally different situation but we quoted him out of context. After his career failed because of his genital warts he turned to a life of world domination. This also failed but not before he took control of Venezuala and Northern Azerbajan, where he still rules today. He has imprisoned many prominent political figures and tortured them mercilessly. These include Darth Vader, Chuck Norris, Nuck Chorris, Scooby Doo, George Dubya and Marco Materazzi.