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Barack "Saddam Hussein II" Obama II

Barack Obama (date of birth unknown), known by his stage name Saddam Hussein II, is an international rapper of the United States, songwriter, Oreo, poet, and part-time comedian. He gained popularity as an underground rapper under the name "Osama." Although it was a mistake at first, he went along with it. Following his popularity, he soon became the first Oreo rapper.

Contrary to what he's said, Obama was not born in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Early life[edit]

It is currently unknown where Obama was born, but the local Eskimos of Alaska—where he was adopted and found by Chuck Health and Sarah Health—said he was probably dropped off by the Russians. Chuck and Sarah Health, parents of Sarah Palin, took in the pale child and raised him as not one of their own. Dispite this, Sarah Palin and her adopted brother had a very competitive, yet friendly relationship; they both had similar tastes and both loved rap music. They would often challenge each other to rap battles.

After dropping out of high school, Obama decided to move to Los Angeles to become a rapper to support the Westside. There, in Los Angeles, he met politician Dr.Dre. Dre taught him everything he needed to know about rapping, dispite being a doctor and politician. They happened to be next door neighbors in a very rich neighborhood, or—as they called it—The Hood.

Rapping career[edit]

Obama's album cover.

After studying the craft of rap from politician Dr. Dre, Obama began rapping as an underground rapper in rap battles. He was known as "Osama." Even though this was a mistake, Obama took a liking to the nickname. He never lost a rap battle and soon became quite popular with the people. He gained much popularity and got a record deal in Washington DC and began recording an album in 2007 under the stage name "Saddam Hussein II."

He finished recording his album entitled "I'm An Oreo, 'Nuff Said," by 2008 and it was released. It was recognized in the 2008 Rapper Campaign; it was the best album. On top of that, he beat out all of the other rappers in the GOP Rap battles. These rappers include Mitt Romney, Ron Paul, John McCain, and Sarah Palin—Obama's sister. He then became an international rapper—which angered Sarah Palin and made her feel betrayed—performing around the country and the world—angering her even more.


Saddam Hussein II performing "Obamacare." He was later booed off the stage.

Obama's hit single "Obamacare," released in March 21, 2010, caused much controversy with fans and fellow rappers in the rap community. "Obamacare" has been criticized by all. One underground rapper had said that the song "cost Saddam Hussein II a lot of credibility as a rapper."

Another hit that has caused controversy is "I'm Not Gay, But I Don't Not Support Gay Marriage," where Obama expresses his non-dislike of gays and where he expresses his own homosexual feelings. He currently denies this and claims the song was not recorded by him but by Sarah Palin, out of anger and jealousy. He claims she broke into his studio, recorded it, and the producers never knew it wasn't Obama's song.

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