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Barbie Girl Is like a song in the Bubblegum pop gender. Wait, I mean Genre, I always get those two confused. –Giggle-. Anyway, it’s totally by this band called Aqua, and they have some totally cool songs. It was made back in 1997 or 1987 or maybe Even 1887, I dunno. The album was TOTALLY called Aquarium, and it heralded in the age of aquariums. Or Aquarius. OR maybe it was the Bronze Age, I dunno. But it DID herald in a new age. Oh, and it topped the music charts in the United Kingdom, and Australia, wherever they are.

Does Abject Lovecraftian horror enter your heart when you stare into those, lifeless, soulless eyes? Whatever Lovecraftian horror, is though, my brother just told me it’d be funny if I said it.


Like, the song is totally dissed by a lot of people, because they just don’t understand what it’s really like to be a Barbie girl. I mean, we go through a lot of personal turmoil on a day to day basis, because being perfect in every way shape and form isn’t easy! Anyway, the song is totally about Barbie and Ken, the two best dolls ever. But, this one company who makes Barbie and Ken didn’t like the song, so...

Ewwww. Look at their complexions. They could totally use a tan, But I guess that’d be tough, ‘Cuz I heard that they only get sunlight over there in Europe for like, 15 minutes a year.

Some Company’s Really Big lawsuit against Aqua[edit]

Well, this one company totally sued Aqua because they didn’t like the way the song talked about Barbie. And after a really messy long trial, they totally ruled in favor of Aqua! Go Aqua! –Giggle-

Alternative Versions and Parodies[edit]

Like, one time, I heard this song on the internet Called “Barbie Grill” by these guys called…I can’t really remember their name, but it was TOTALLY Hilarious! You should like, look it up on Youtube or Napster.

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