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“This sucks. Slap the author with a fish”

~ This Guy on How bad this page sucks

A concept that originates from the slang use of the word: Bare. It's meaning encompasses the subjected view of many dolphins. No wait, in slang, Bare means: A lot / Copious amounts of....

However a certain Mr. Henry "Vacuum" Green (From Richmond, London, UK) decided to adopt the word and take on a whole new meaning (and inevitably concept) of the word "Bare".

He moulded it to such an extent it is now common throughout the world. Bare is always there and (as stated in the prophecies of bare by some bear in the bare woods) will always exist.

Bare is not a thing. It is not an object. It is not a handle. Bare is Bare.

Bare exists as a means of expressing levels of goodness, so to speak.

When people refer to events/locations/people/etc as being bare, they are crediting the thing and welcoming the fact that is very good for the cosmic balance.

To "get bare"- means to acquire a certain amount of "goodness", as if to fully acknowledge one's powers and intentions.

Eg. (In a p'ot smoking environment) "I get bare!".

To "be bared"- means to be subjected to a huge dosage of bare. Your whole body is paraylsed by bare for a split second and for the next x amount of time, you are an embodiment of bare, bare is channel through you.