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Going barefoot is the practice of going about without any socks or shoes on and is called Barefooting. This exposes the feet, which were designed to be bare. This is a sensory experience. If you are barefooting, you have barefeet.


Barefooting was discovered in 1999 by Tony Blair when he was trying to dig under Buckingham Palace to shag Queen Elizabeth. It happened when he shot the infamous "Kitty Brigade", the Palace's primary underground security defense team. He shot all those poor little kitties, placed there by delusional British/Canadian/Australian fetishists. Why he continued on to the Queen's bedchamber, rather than masturbating to get God to kill the kitties, or huffing all of them nine times ('cmon, Tony! They were orange! The orange ones fuck you up REAL good!), is a mystery. Blair's naked footprints were found later, proving his interest in covert barefooting. Hillary Clinton fits in there somewhere, I think.