Barry Sanders

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Barry Sanders is the most elusive creature on the planet. Often seen frolicing with toothless lions, this tiny creature has set the land speed acceleration and deceleration records. Also, the creature has never been caught on film, as it generally sticks it's tongue out at the cameraman when he's preparing to shoot, remarks "Meep meep," then darts away.


Born on July 16, 1968, in the Black & White State of Kansas, young Barry did not see any colour untill the age of 12 when he went to Canada to see Kiss perform. Kiss had just removed thier makeup, and young Barry, changed at the molecular level by seeing their faces, ran back home in 2 hours and hid in his basement and did not leave the comfort of his Kansas farm for years. He did not set foot out of his home untill he was 18. He got a call to be a cowboy in Oklahoma(Or known to the people of Kansas, Northern Texas becuase they don't want any part of Oklahoma, or their broadway singers that run wild in the uninhabited parts of the "state").