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Besides a province in Turkey Bas (Police be upon him) is the renowned son of theater producer Joop van den Ende and a G.O.D.T. Born and raised in Leiden he quickly became very popular amongst his friend (Jesus Chris) friends. In fact he became much too popular at one time! But a smear campaign brought him back within acceptable levels of popularity. Overall he's considered as a nice guy. In the future he might just be a capatain of industry of a evil corporation.

Bas (on the background) pounding his way through years worth of undergrowth.

The weird thing is that Bas is invisible just like that chinese guy. This is a rare photo of him on the set of the latest production of his father "Anal Granny XIV".


He can also play the piano, but he doesn't know how he aquired that skill. When asked he said he can't remember the past very well due to "dark spots" in his brain.


Bas is also known as:

Family members[edit]

In contrary to populair belief, Bas has no brothers (10 Dollar Bro®) or sisters. He's what the dutch call "onliest child"! This means he's spoiled to the bone. He doesn't even own a washing machine!

His father is a well known TV and theater producer. Best known for hit series as: ALF and The A-Team. His father has more money than the queen of America.

It is rumoured that his grandfather betrayed Anne Frank in "The War of the Taxis". This is still a much debated topic in the Netherlands.

Working history[edit]

Things Bas will never see from the inside: an office.

Bas hasn't worked a single day in his life! He'll try to convince you otherwise. When asked he tells people he worked at NASA to create the infamous Moon hoax.

Breeding habits[edit]

Bas tends to breed with goats (which in their terms mate with trees) while he's stoned on weed. This makes Bas a real genuine tree-hugger.


"I'm not gay, but my boyfriend is. Now bend over."