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“Life is like a basketball, it has it's ups and downs, except for life is hard and basketball is boring, and is completely controlled by people who are taller,black,and make more money than you”

~ Captain Obvious on Basketball

“Basketball... hmm, I still have no idea how they came up with that name!”


~ Ozzy Osbourne on Basketball

Basketball is one one of the world's great churches.It is divided into two main sects, the Blacks and foreigners. It is a sin to drink or do drugs or steroids.

Basketball was invented in ancient Greece.
A typical basketball player.

Basketball churches are called "courts" and can be found in every city in the world except Buenos Aires and Tel Aviv.

The Basketball Church is led by "The Black Person". Current Black Person LeBron James has served since the death of previous Commissioner John Fitzgerald Kennedy on May 29, 1337. Kennedy was preceded by Church founder Josef Stalin. "Players" serve as missionaries for the Church and all Church activities are controlled by "Officials" who receive their instructions directly from The Commissioner or have them read to them by one of the several hundred "sportscasters" who receive messages directly from God in the grounds at the bottom of emptied cups of Dunkin' Donuts coffee (except in Seattle, of course). watching basketball is as almost exciting as watching someone study cause scoring is meaningless and too easy that you do it 100 times.

Colonel Sanders was not a very well known basketball player

Basketball does not end in "ism" and yet is one of the world's Great Religions like Judaism, Catholicism and Satanism and not like Scientology and Alcoholics Anonymous, which are really just cults. Even though these are cults and don't end in "ism" and the other Great Religions that aren't cults do end in "ism" it's really just a coincidence.


The Fightin' Friars' 1952 Championship Lineup

Basketball was invented in 1847 by the Ku Klux Klan, who were unaware of just how good black people would be at the game. Upon discovering this, many Klansmen committed suicide, while many simply boycotted the game and others even submitted to the larger black folks and just took punishment in the buttocks (the Klansmen throughly enjoyed that). Players and fans alike failed to notice the sharp decrease in white 'players' warming the benches.

It is generally accepted by the residents of Springfield, Massachusetts that the first Basketball Court was established in Springfield, Massachusetts sometime around eighteen thirty-something or forty-something as the only real reason for Springfield, Massachusetts to exist at all. Some scholars dispute this, pointing to a 1742 Scottish advertisement for a demonstration of "Basket-Bladder," which shows a drawing of two young men jumping after an airborne sheep's bladder. Springfield, Massachusetts residents argue that this was merely a callous attempt by local shepherd Callum McIntyre to create a market for the sheep's bladders that were piling up in his barn. "Bladderines," as supporters of the McIntyre position like to call themselves, point out, as they nod toward the Catholics and wink, that this would not be the only Great Religion that was started as way to move excess inventory. The argument continues until you get tired of hearing it and walk away. So let's do that. Ok, walking away now.

Other scholars - see, we didn't walk away fast enough - argue that a "ball game" played by Inca warriors was the first instance of worship of the Great Basketball God. Critics point to the fact that the rules of the "ball game" have not survived and no one can know if they genuinely worshipped or were just trying not to get disemboweled. (Disembowelment was eliminated as a player inducement with the settlement of the Oscar Robertson Lawsuit.)

Basketball Monks attend a religious retreat known as "The Final Four".

Springfield, Massachusetts residents credit Dr. James Naismith with the founding of the modern Church. Naismith himself was humble when describing his contributions. "I wanted to give young men something to think about other than the soft, supple and delicate inner thighs of pale, young redheaded girls, thighs that would slowly warm under your caress and part slightly revealing a palpable sense of desire and the aroma of peaches."

Living in Springfield, Massachusetts, Naismith soon realized that it would be a good idea to give young women something to think about other than the soft, supple and delicate inner thighs of pale, young redheaded girls, thighs that would slowly warm under your caress and part slightly revealing a palpable sense of desire and the aroma of peaches" and women were allowed to becomes players. When it was later pointed out that women players would shower together, Naismith just smiled.

Today's Church is divided into "Conferences" much like the Bishop's Conferences of the Catholic Church. Separate but unequal Conferences exist for men and women. The women have smaller balls and more carefully considered uniforms. There are two professional conferences and way too many so-called "Academic Conferences." Critics argue that an institution that only teaches one set of dogma, like Basketball or Christianity can't really be called "academic" and should not receive taxpayer's money. Issues are debated on the Court over the course of a "season" and finally resolved in the "playoffs."

The Church has come to be, according to the Wall Street Journal, "the model for modern religious institutions. Just look at their merchandising. This isn't Holy Water and Bibles. There is some real economic power here."

In July 2010, basketball's legacy was ruined when LeBron ****ing James had sex with all of South Florida on a nationally televised event.


Ford's Basketball Court, where Lincoln was shot.
Tasteless yet creative racial humor.

The core beliefs of the Basketball Church are:

  • If the Celtics are National Champions, God loves us and all is right with the world.
  • Henry Finkle is the physical manifestation of God, Almighty. All hail Finkle for thine is the glory is to follow Russell and to hold the place of Cowens. Thou art good.
  • The Lakers are the minions of Satan. The Knicks are merely misguided. The Sacramento Kings are by far the best team in NBA history. They have won the past 26 championships and have made up every player on the East and West All-Star teams together every year since 1975.
  • Wilt Chamberlain is the messiah and saviour, he built an ark and carried basketball over to america, 2 players at a time.
  • Lebron James is the second coming of Wilt Chamberlain the Messiah and he will lead the church to the promise land.

Sex scandals have plagued the Church
Players shake, speak in tongues and do other weird shit when possessed by Finkle's Spirit

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