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                                      BATHROOM TIPS FOR BEGINNERS/DUMMIES


An item used for excretory purposes.

The toilet seat 

In regards to this item, one should always try to aim for the rather large gaping hole in the middle and try to avoid the seat at all costs unless temporary blindness has occurred.

Flushing handle 

Once a method of excretion has occurred the handle should be pulled in order to remove waste products.

Toilet Brush	 

Once secondary excretion has occurred and remains are left behind, the brush should be used as means of cleaning any excess wastes. No one wishes to see your internal waste products.

The basin/zinc 

Main use is for the washing of hands and face. Not to be used as an excretory item.

The tiled floor 

The large surface area below you on which to walk. Not to be used as an excretory item.

Bathroom sponge 

After bathing one should use the sponge, along with soap to remove the dirt you just washed off from the bath, so that no one else has to suffer with the remains of your bodily germs. Although it is used for cleaning waste it is not used for cleaning the body once excretion has taken place.


An item used to remove excess water from the body after bathing or washing hands. Should not be used to clean the body after excretion has taken place from the rear as it would then be defeating the object of having a bath or washing your hands, which purpose is to clean.

Toilet Paper 

The ONLY item which is to be used to clean the excretory remains , once excretion has taken.

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