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Batman 2000 is a reincarnation of Batman (as seen in 'Batman and Robin', 'Batman IN Robin' and 'Batman Returns, after experiencing relationship issues - with Robin'). Unlike the previous, more nobel Batman, Batman 2000 has no ninja skills, no sense of justice and chooses not to 'team up' with Robin.

The Bat Habitat[edit]

Since, after the death of the original Batman, Gotham city was destroyed by a combined effort of Poison Ivy, the Penguin and Hellmo, Batman 2000 chooses to reside in Australia's biggest hive of criminal activity - Kambah, located in the ACT. For all you dipshit Americans, ACT stands for 'Australian Capital Territory', or, so you remember, the ACCT, or, 'Australia's Actual Capital Territory'. Yes I know, this may be somewhat shocking, Sydney is not the Capital. Here Batman spends most of his time ignoring the screams and cries of help from innocents, much as he ignores the drownings of 8 year old children at Tuggeranong Pool.

Bat Schedual[edit]

Batman runs a tight schedual, because, as junior team leader of the anti-justice league, he is also 15 years old, and must still attend school, fuck ex girlfriends and 'accidentally' dye his hair rednut.

9:00 - Wake up 9:30 - Sex with mother 9:34 - Wake up for real this time, clean up sheets 9:40 - Ex sex 9:41 - Go to school 3:10 - Ex sex 3:15 - Sex with other ex 3:20 - orgy with ex (x2) and mother and spiderman 3:40 - Sleep (in bat cave) 9:00 - Fights justice 9:05 - Gets bored and passivly high off the pot smoke in Kambah. Run's naked through Gleneagles, wishing he could afford to have his Batcave there.

Bat Clicc[edit]

After the tragic Aid's related death of Robin, Batman chooses his associates more carfully. He has a special clicc of super-sidekicks, with their own super-powers, and super-cool-science nicknames:

The Mushroominator: Fights with his special mushroom cannon. Special move 'Oil slick', upon which he grabs a grease comb, combs his hair and flicks it at the enemy. As dangerous as it is Delbridge.

The Mighty Morphin' Nappy Changer Only effective when used against people under the age of 12. Fights using his magical staff.

Fos Ferbie Not so much a crime fighter as a crime fighting weapon. Can be hurled great distances without anyone caring.

The Wheelchair Rolls into battle

Matt D'Arcy -a.k.a Fishboy Batman 2000's waterforce. Fights using that STUPID USELESS APOSTROPHE in his name

The Jewish Nugget Too nice, fucking useless

Duong - The Asian Chunk Ningja, or Chinjah

Comando rolls into battle. Why? Walking is for pussies.

The gay Panda Attacks with his winky horizontal nipples and chopsticks.