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Bruno Gerussi showing off his chest

The Beachcombers is a television show based in Canada from 1867 to 1991. The Beachcombers is considered to be the most popular television show in Canadian history, with having a weekly audience of 101% of the Canadian population. The Beachcombers was also the first reality television show in Canada.

It was broadcasted live in Canada each week on the CBC. It had a cast of colourfull characters. Such as Sir Bruno Gerussi, Prime Minister (disputed) of Canada, the bald guy with the moustache who was a cop, the guy who helped out Gerussi, and the Relic.

Each week Gerussi would drive his boat throughout the area looking for gold and ways to make himself look more attractive to the women by unbuttoning his shirts more and more each week, while the Relic would always be grumpy and cause trouble throughout the village by stealing things that aren't his and dump barrels of oil in the local lakes, as well as dealing prime British Columbian cocaine throughout the region. The show was cancelled in 1991 after Gerussi decided that the Relic was wasting too much precious oil, and the Mulroney government was no longer funding the reality television show.


  • Beachcombers was shot in Gibsons, British Columbia. Also shot there was the movie adaptation of Stephen King's greatest book, Needful Things.
  • The guy who played the bald cop ended up making a horrid movie based on the television show titled The New Beachcombers Movie without Gerussi or Relic, but it did feature Doug McKenzie of the McKenzie brothers.
  • Occasionally in the beginning, and more frequently as the series progressed, each episode was a thinly-veiled vehicle designed to showcase hardcore porn scenes between the cast members. Specifically between Bruno and his assistant.

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