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Whoops! Maybe you were looking for Bear Grylls, or Bear? How about Food, or Germany? Possibly even Justin Bieber?

Bear Grills grilling up a storm.
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“I would do anything
for a chance to meet Bear Grills”

~ Lady GaGa on Bear Grills

“What would happen if Bear Grills grills Bear Grylls?”

~ Drew Peacock

“A bear that can cook has the same name as me? Better drink my own piss”

~ Bear Grylls on Bear Grills

Bear Grills, born under the name Bear Edward Bart Frank Arthur Grills, is a famous international chef. It is a little known fact that Bear Grills is actually a bear. He acquired his fame by being the only bear in the world to ever grill a fish before consuming it. Since that moment some 1 day ago, Bear has increased his popularity and fame by expanding to a number of different and diverse dishes. His favourite method of cooking is grillig his food, and has stuck to this method by grilling steak, chicken, kebabs, feet, dog, Bear Grylls, little children and poo. When asked about his future, Bear commented that he plans to open a chain of fast food restaurants called "Bear Grills' Grill". Bear and his employees will be serving a various assortment of dishes ranging from his original fish dish to the exotic grilled water.

Early life[edit]

Bear Grills was born on the 30th of February, 2000. His father was Beaver Grills and his mother was Chipmunk Grills. He was the youngest and oldest child of a litter of 1. Being the middle child of his litter, Bear did not receive the loving care that the other children got. He grew up a rebel, and by the age of 4 smoked 13 cigars per week day and 13 cigars per day on weekends. Once Bear had begun to grow and form into a more mature and intelligent adult, he gave given up smoking to work on his new hobby, drinking. He could been seen at the local pub, The Krusty Krab, where he would meet up with one of his greatest friends, Spongebob Squarepants. They would spend long nights together and some times they would take girls back to Spongebob's place, a pineapple under the sea. After Bear discovered that he was leading a bad life, he gave up drinking and cut all connections to his underwater friends. It was shortly after this time that Bear discovered a TV and began watching cooking shows. About 1 year after this time, Bear Grills grilled his first fish, and then went on to his cooking career.

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