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Beat is a term used in Music to describe the combination of swing and syncopation used commonly in African music and Latin music, but traditionally ignored by european traditional music. Beat is also an interval part of dance music and makes great soup.


Beat is thought to have originated in Africa, some 3,000 years before europeans began to colonize there. it is thought that life in Africa was not only peaceful during these early years, it has also been speculated by modern science that during this time there was no famine, disease or anything else bad of any kind. ever. the use of beat traveled with newly captured slaves from africa to America and elsewhere. it later reappeared in music, as early as 1850 in blues and jazz work of the south undertakeified at that time.


Early Years[edit]

Beat was re-originated by Miles Davis, who immediately wrote the album The Birth Of Cool (an biography of Antarctica, the renounced place to be cool (freeze your ass off)) . Beat was further refined several decades later by the Meters which could also be used to measure the length of a piece of music (this is 5 meters long), especially in their early work with new Orleans gumbo chef and shrimp fisherman Dr. John. The group along with Dr. John released the album In The Right Place, recorded in Funky Town, which was sold in the right place and was loved. The album nearly resulted in world peace, but that would make it the sixties and we all know how that ends up.

The D'Voidoffunk Years[edit]

Beat did not die with The Meters and Dr. John, however. The Universe had born another funky child into the personage of George Clinton. Together with his hench men of funk consisting of Ray Davis, Fuzzy Haskins, Calvin Simon, and Grady Thomas.Clinton started the band Parliaments, which immediately began to attempt to defeat Sir nose D'Voidoffunk. Their efforts came to a head in mid 1975 with the release of The Mothership Connection when the band teamed up with The extra-Terrestrial Brothahs, Dealers Of Funkay Music, P-Funk, Uncut Funk, Da Bomb, who had come to claim the pyramids. These extra-terrestrial brothahs are better known today as Lollipop Man and Starchild. along with the afforementioned, Parliament came close to defeating Sir Nose d'Voidoffunk, but they had not yet found his weakness.

Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk Dances[edit]

Starchild, who was now the most powerful opponent of Sir Nose D., made a further decovery: the Pleasure Principle. Along with Clinton, posessor of the bop gun, and Collins, wearer of funkay sunglasses, Starchild undertook to defeat Sir Nose D'voidoffunk in the only possible way: they attempted to make him dance. though details are unclear, it seems now that the triplet eventually found Sir Nose D., based on the size of his nose, and forced him to dance using the bop gun and the Pleasure Principle. The act of dancing then blew Sir Nose D'voidoffunk's mind. D'Voidoffunks last words were "Cut that funkin' out, Starchild!" Thus, Clinton, Collins, Starchild and The rest of parliament were able to re-establish the beat for further generations.

Obscurity and Recent Beat Activities[edit]

Unfortunately, the rise of disco and other non-funky musical styles doomed beat to fall into obscurity shortly after the victory over Sir Nose D'Voidoffunk. Beat has been mostly dead, with the exception of some recent works by Beck, such as Midnite Vultures and Guero.

Alternate Definitions:[edit]

Beat is also the term used for the alternative culture of the 50's and 60's, proponents of which smoked marijuana and were very conscious of the music of the bongos, and of jazz, which was prevalent at the time, and which at times was possessing of beat. Folks such as William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac and Hunter S. Thomson were interval in this movement, which advocated for alternative and mostly crazy ideas such as free press, drug use and a non-violent, non-agressive foreign policy.

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