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Thats Us, Dude

Butthead: Euhhh...huhuhuh, hey, how's it goin' 'n' stuff? huhuhuhuhuh.. Like ummm, this is our ummm... unci.. uncl...uncy...clo....clop...ummm... plop?...pee... plop & pee page!!! huh huh huh. It's like gonna like help me score with chicks n stuff.
Beavis: Yeah, heh heh heh, me too.
Butthead: Shut up, Buttmonkey. You'll never score, you're too much of a wuss to score.
Beavis: Shut up, Fartknocker... or I'll kick your ass

“You know when they say, "Stick it where the sun don't shine"... they're talking about your butt”

“Ohhh... I thought that your pillow or something”

“huhu huh uhuh, Dumbass!!”

~ Tamia

“So if it's like, dark inside your butt... then how do the turds find their way out?”

“I think they're like bats... they can like, see in the dark, or something”

Hi, I'm Beavis, that's me kicking the border's ass heheh
Euhh, Hey, Baby. I'm Butthead, wanna like, get it on? huhuhhuh
Euhhh, got any like, boobios, for my euhh... huh huh huh , never mind


Umm, hey... hows it going? hehehehehehehehehehe heheeheheheheh heeh heh heheh ehehe hehe heheh ehehe hehe ehehehe ehehhehehehe hehhehhehheh hehhehhehheh hehhehhehhehhehheh hehhehhehhehhehheh hehhehhehhehhehheh hehhehhehhehhehheh ummm.... BOOBS! heh heh heh heh heh... I just wanna say that again, "BOOBS"!!! hehhehhehhehhehheh hehhehheh hehhehheh that was pretty cool, hehheh


Euhhhhh, like... uh huh huh huh huhhhuhuhuhuhhu... come to Butthead. euh huh huh uhuh uhuhuhuh uhu huhuhuhuhuh uh uh uhuh uh uhuhu hu huh uhuhu uh uhuh so like... ummm... uh huh huh huh, you ladies looking for some action? Euhh huh huh uh uh uhu hu huh uhuhuhuh uhuh wanna like... get it on 'n stuff? euh h uhuhuhu hu huh uh uhuhu huh uhuhuh

Alter Egos


I am the great Cornholio. You will surrender to me all your bungholes. In my country my people do not have any bungholes, I was born with no bunghole, would you like to see my bunghole? Ahhh, Tikki kaka, kaka, you will give me your kaka and surrender to the all mighty bungholioooooOOOOOOOOooooooooo.

Ummm... heheheh, that was pretty cool. ARE YOU THREATENING ME? COME OUT WIT'ch YOUR PANTS DOWN!! DO NOT MAKE MY BUNGHOLE ANGRY... YOU WILL GIVE ME T.P. T.P FOR MY BUNGHOLIOOOOOOOOOOooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo. Whoa, that's cool. Ummm... check it out, I AM CORNHOLIO, do you have any olio for my bungholio???



Ummm, hehehe... this is me kicking a bunch of missiles ass, cause they like, bled on Butthead... or something, hehehe COOL!

Exploring the minds of Beavis & Butthead

Euhhhhh, like, ummm... huh huh huh huh uhhhh, hey baby. You have nice thingies! Euhhhhh huh uhuh uhuhuh uh ehehehehehehehehe huh huh h uh huh huhe uhehehehehe heeheh ehehe. Thingies RULE! \../,

check out our butts, euhh huh uh uhuh hhehehehe huh uhehehe... damn we're smooth!!!! We're gonna get all the chicks now!

Butthead: And like umm... we're like euhhh... ready to do you, if like you have big thingies. So like if you have big thingies, ummm huh uhuhu huh come to Butthead.
Beavis: Heh heheheheheh hehe, I'm gonna go to her.
Butthead: euhh huh uh uh uhuh, oh yeah!

So like, Who are these turd burglars?

Butthead: Ummm, like, we don't know who our dads are or something, but like, we know he scored once. So we wanna be like our dads... and not Beavis' mom, cause she's a slut.
Beavis: Shut up, bunghole. I'll kick your ass.
Butthead: Settle down, Beavis. You're mom IS a slut euh huhuhuh.
Beavis: Oh yeah, hehehe hehehehehe


In 1991 Beavis & Butthead became popular music video clip reviewers for MTV. Their combined intellectual insights into present day teenagers opinions on present day rock videos was so impeccable, and so precise, but what made Beavis & Butthead so appealing was that anyone could appreciate the extent and magnitude, not to forget, the thought that went into each videos oral review.

Such phrases as "This sux" & "Cool" would send the dorksmenship of professional reviewers such as Siskel & Ebert to just seem like complete... "dumb-asses"!

Euhh, we want like, chicks 'n stuff

ummm, like if you have " big thingies" like this... then like, we wanna do you, so like, call us, or just me... Butthead, on 555-3169.... euhhhuhuhh "69"
Yeah! Me Too! And like.... if you could also like, have a plane that can go RATTTA TATT TATTA TATTA TAATTTAA T KA-POWWWWWW BOOOOM... that'd be pretty cool too.

Hey, Baby

Euhhh, Hello? Like... i'm Butthead. I'm like, pretty cool 'n stuff... euhhh, I have like a massive euhhh... did it hurt when you... euhh.... huhuh... do you believe in love at... huhuhuh.... is that a .... ummm... Do you have a quarter so i .... euhhh... like umm, if I could change the.... fuck it, wanna get it on?

Beavis: "Whoa! You said, "FUCK!"

Butthead:"Yeah, we're not on MTV anymore, we can say what we want"

Beavis: "Cool, Let me try..... BUTT!...BOOBS!!!...WIENER!!!"

Butthead: "Beavis, you are a fucktard"

Butthead: is that Austria? The place where that dude who sticks his fingers up Crocodile Dundee's butt lives?
Beavis:No, it's a butt!

Heheh... I'm gonna score!!

FIRE, FIRE, FIRE, FIRE, FIRE, FIRE... ummm, sorry about that. Ummm, like, if you have big boobs, like, I dunno, come do me or something

Beavis: So like, I'm Beavis. And I just wanna like, you know, find a chick, and do it with her, so that like, she can tell her friends 'n stuff, and I can like, do it with more chicks... yeah, that'd be cool. Yeah, I want a chick who has big thingies, and ummm... has a butt, yeah that's pretty important, cause I've known some people without butts, and it really sucks. So like ummm, you know, if you want a .... hehehehehehehehe... hehe, this is gonna be cool.... so if you wanna be with Beavis... the man who is better then the Tittyattic... cause only 500 chicks went down in the Tittyattic, then I am ready to do you... yeah, hehehehehe cool.

Butthead: You dumbass, you've never scored in your life, Beavis. And what the hell is a Tittymatic?

Beavis: Yeah I have, I've scored lots of times, you just weren't there. And the ummm... Tittyattic was this boat that like hit an ice-cream truck and sank or something... I dunno, it was pretty cool... I saw it on the History channel one time.

Butthead: You watch the History Channel? What a dork! You like... learned something... euhh huhuhuhuh".

Beavis: Yeah but like, all these chicks went down on it

Butthead: Cool! We should go on it



Things that rock

Things That Suck

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia have an article about Beavis & Butthead.