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Developed as a collaborative programme between IBM's Blue Gene team, David Hasselhoff, the NSA and the Bulgarian Apiarist Society, BeeOS represents a dramatic paradigm shift in computational methodology and a substantial stepwise improvement in parallel instruction execution capabilities over traditional silicon or gallium arsenide transistor computational device technology.

An IBM Scientician with his hive

Harnessing the well known but hitherto poorly exploited capabilities of the bee hive mind through the power of interpretive dance, IBM scienticians have made startling advances in fields as far ranging as complexity theory, advanced dolphin peeling and building really tiny robots that will one day rise up against us and rule the earth, with the biting and the scratching and the fondling of the puppies. For instance, as a test of the BeeOS hive delivered to the NSA for the purpose of decoding Al Qaeda's delivery pizza order, it has been discovered that it will rain next Tuesday. So wear a hat.

As a side effect, it has been discovered that the honey harvested from BeeOS hives is jolly nice when spread on a freshly toasted muffin, renders the consumer incapable of defecating and able to recite pi to 4 decimal places.

Primary competitors to BeeOS are Sony's Waspix and Microsoft's Hor.NET, both of which are generally regarded as having more bugs at this early stage of development.