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Beginner's Guide
to Being an Uncyclopedian
On Good Writing

How to be Funny
How to Use the Wiki
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On Good Behavior

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Cyberbullying is Forbidden
Give The Administrators Pie

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What Uncyclopedia is not

Hey, that kid in your computing class is pretty faggy, huh? Look at him with his stupid emo combover and his plastic anorak. What a dork! Hey, I know: Why not write an Uncyclopedia article about how lame he is (and maybe mention his predilection for sex with his mom while you're at it)?
Because it will get destroyed on sight. The same goes for pages about how k3wl you and your friends are, adverts for your web page, guestbook, Unreal Tournament clan, gay nazi fetishists' club, trout appreciation society, prison, oil rig, porn dungeon, auto parts store or drive-thru McDonalds. If it's been deleted and you recreate it, I think you can guess what'll happen next.
When in doubt, consult our vanity policies.

Likewise, if you think an article is the worst piece of crap you've ever read in your life, don't just remove the content. It may well be worthy of death, but killing is our business. If it's a stupid one-or-two liner, report it to QVFD. Anything longer should go in Uncyclopedia:Votes for deletion.

Mistakes can happen though as our admins are generally incompetent only human. If that's the case, see below.

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